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Female Domination

Kates Palace – Paquet francaise 5 – The Slave Contract 

  DOMINA KATE looks absolutely breathtaking in HER red latex dress, but tonight SHE’S got Scarlet competition. Breathtaking is the only word to describe the hot piece of blue-haired, indigo-lipped femme flesh THE LADY OF THE PALACE has in HER keeping. Tonight the hooker with the heart of mush will bind herself to THE SUBLIME DOMINATRIX with a slave contract for all eternity. Totally enthralled by her EROTIC PIMP AND POSSESSOR, the helpless whore throws caution to the wind and…

Female Domination

Kates Palace – Paquet francaise 6 – The Slave Contract 

  Do you think DOMINA KATE will leave HER fuckable bitch at peace? Helloooo? After tightly binding Scarlet’s engorged pussy and gaping clit, THE ÜBERMISTRESS OF THE PALACE wants to properly train it for future ‘suitors’. After fisting the purple-lipped cunt-for-saler into trembling submission., the RESOLUTE DOMINATRIX fastens her firmly in place on the anal hook. THE SLY SLAVE OWNER wants to make sure no one gets any ideas about rustling off with HER tempting tart. Wielding a scalpel, THE…

Female Domination

Kates Palace – Shiva’s Lesson – Listen or Learn to Feel 2 

  Returning to the clinic, DOMINA KATE discovers that neither Shiva nor the slave have obeyed orders. Disobedience tends to provoke HER most brutally unpredictable behaviour. While dressing down the cheeky Shiva, LADY KATE harasses her greedy slut buttons with tight breast bondage. Then, fastening the switch-wielding/loving babe to the cross, THE AESTHETIC DOMINA stripes her ass the same pretty colour as her pervy purple hair. In due time, the Domme/Sub must take her place on the Gyno-chair, where THE…

Female Domination

Kates Palace – Paquet francaise 3 

  DOMINA KATE still finds far too many defects in HER French streetwalker-in-training. THE ENTERPRISING PIMPSTRESS still hopes to market the slut’s services for top dollar. With deeply erotic arrogance, MADAME KATE begins to acquaint the hooker with the demands of her future profession. The loose little missy is ordered to take her place on the gyno-chair where her filthy, foie-gras-besotted innards are subjected to a proper cleansing with DOMINA KATE’S priceless late harvest Riesling. THE SADISTIC DOMINA leaves the…

Female Domination

Kates Palace – Domina Kate – Filmmaker in Trouble 1 

  DOMINA KATE wants to show LADY LARA HER exciting new toys, but SHE forgot to put a muzzle on the cocky cameraman. Have you ever seen such an impatient little creature? Before he knows it, SHE’S made him the protagonist in his own film. LADY LARA handles a mean camera, so what goes around cums around! The intimidated rubber slave tells HER he wants to go home, but THE TIGER has got him by HER TAIL now, and a…

Female Domination

Kates Palace – Filmmaker in Trouble 2 

  DOMINA KATE has made it clear to HER cheeky ex-cameraman just exactly where he stands. Or lies: all nice and snug from head to toe in a relaxing body bag. Only his sensitive winky and tender twiddle knobs are still awarded basking privileges in the unforgiving light. Something has to be punished, doesn’t it? The only sounds to escape him now are muffled, self-pitying groans as DOMINA KATE fattens up his lovestick with a custom set of glistening steel…

Female Domination

Kates Palace – Domina Kate – Situation Vacant – Two-hole Mare 1 

  The hot bitch Nina has applied to DOMINA KATE for the coveted post of palace whore. As part of her recruitment test, the handsome filly does an eager striptease for THE DISCERNING JUDGE OF WHORESFLESH and gets her first inkling of the demands of her new calling. The applicant clearly has a set of high-class goods. Far as LADY KATE can see, there’s only one problem. How can you be a two-hole mare if you don’t have a gaping…

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Kates Palace – Domina Kate – Situation No Longer Vacant – Two-hole Mare 2 

  DOMINA KATE is fully in HER ELEMENT now and clearly enjoying the limitless uses of HER prospective new fuck-toy. THE DEMANDING DOMINA inserts a specially designed ass-stretcher, and presto – Instant Ass Toilet, big enough to sit right down and shit in! Naturally, the horny hooker considers it a great honour to offer up her hole-of-plenty to her PISS-HAPPY MISTRESS. Wouldn’t you? Oh yes you would! THE PALACE PROCURESS fills the willing WC to the brim in no time….

Female Domination

Kates Palace – Das Vorstellungsgespräch 2 

  Die erste Aufgabe? Vergessen. Verzückt nimmt der Bewerber im Sessel der Chefin platz und schnuppert genüsslich an den Nylons, die er dort findet. Den Traumjob in der Tasche wähnend wird schon mal ein “Bestanden” in Unterlagen gekritzelt, da öffnet sich die Tür: Eine zornig blickende Lady in engem Lederkostüm betritt den Raum. ‘Das ist doch nicht?..’ Schon sehr bald findet sich der Bewerber unter schallenden Ohrfeigen auf seinen Knien wieder und ihm wird von der Lady sehr schnell klargemacht,…

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