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Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

DirtyDommes – His first taste of cum 

After a long day of sessions and shooting, this male slut had a shock coming his means! Entirely unscripted and an on impulse example… we decided it was time this slave had his first taste of one more male’s cum! Yes, he has actually been a good bumslut before, he can take cock yet he requires to have his mouth filled with guts now. Woman BlackDiamoond movies the majority of this clip as well as you can see our naughty/sadistic…

Female Domination, Shoe & Boots, Trampling

DirtyDommes – Doormat for our black leather boots 

Good! Our slave is existing at the entry of our flat, awaiting us as our mat. His single purpose in life is to clean up of leather boots with his tongue and offer us his flesh for boot cleaning and also our sadistic fun. This boot bitch far better not moan or speak way too much or it will be penalized. He is just an object below our divine boots, all set to serve, tidy, prayer and also be a…

Female Domination, Smoking, Spitting

DirtyDommes – Ashtray slave serving his Mistress 

What better means to unwind than with a glass of Champagne, a fragrant cigar as well as my human ashtray near. The dungeon fills with smoke quickly therefore do my slave’s lungs when I breathe out thick plumes in to his face. His mouth obtains blacker and blacker from my ashes and he can’t relocate a muscle mass when I hold my burning warm cigar to his nipples. Required to inhale my smoke, made to eat all my ashes, also…

Female Domination, Shoe & Boots

DirtyDommes – Milked and tormented bondage gimp part2 

Miss Miranda loves to tease and refute him anything, he is her gimp to abuse and torment. His nipple areas require to be clamped, his cock massaged by a wand… he is not permitted to orgasm. Miss Miranda’s climaxes come first as well as he can not even see her climaxing. Pure torment! When he lastly gets bled he needs to consume his very own nerve as well.

Female Domination, Latex & Rubber, Pegging, Strap-on

DirtyDommes – Rubber slut blowjob training 

Ha ha, consider our rubber doll, linked to the bed and wiggling like a sexy worm! This is the perfect timing for blowjob training, after all a good doll is a doll that can please dicks with it’s mouth and also ass. We take turns shoving our cocks down his starving throat as well as extend his slutty mouth for dick. This bitch needs two dicks in it’s face whilst it obtains desperately randy.

Female Domination, Shoejob

DirtyDommes – Nomi’s desperate shoe slave 

Oh my! His Goddess is using fishnets and those hot skyhigh pleaser heels. He understands he remains in problem now! Miss Nomi enjoys just how weak and hopeless he gets in front of her excellent legs, feet and footwear! She teases his cock as well as makes him drool, even leak precum anywhere. By covering her platform shoes around his erection, her heel slut ends up being a lot more hopeless! Just when he is about to blow up from…

Female Domination, Shoe & Boots

DirtyDommes – Imprisoned boot and ashtray slave 

Maintained as a captive animal, a detainee to my whims … this male animal’s life consists of cleansing as well as worshipping my Lleather boots, consuming my spit as well as being usefull to me as my human ashtray. I will certainly make sure he swallows all my juices, all my black ashes … he has no choice however to obey and also experience.

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

DirtyDommes – Fear our leather gloved hands 

Our natural leather handwear covers maintain getting lost and it is pretty evident our handwear cover servant has actually been taking and also taking them behind our back for his very own amusement. He will not admit to his crimes instantly however we will make him talk, we will certainly question him and utilize our natural leather handwear covers to smother him and take his breath away. He will certainly find out to fear our handwear covers instead of swiping…

Blowjob, Shoe & Boots

DirtyDommes – Suck cock for your Goddesses 

You will suck cock for us, slave boy. Mistress Zara Durose and I have some muscle power with us in case you think you can escape your faith. Master Ares will be glad to receive a blowjob from you!So worship our boots and then let your stunning goddesses lead your lips towards his cock and open wide! We will turn you in to a real faggot for our pleasure.

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination, Latex & Rubber, Tickling

DirtyDommes – Tickled and smothered pet 

How cute does our human pet look like? Especially when he is fully tied up and naked. We only have mischief on our mind…he is going to get it! There won’t be much oxygen for him underneath our perfect butts…and our nails are going to make him squeel when we tickle him! Haha, this is so much fun! He can’t stand the tickling at all and the combination of being smothered and tickle tortured is getting too much for him…

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