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Spanking & Whipping

Spanked In Uniform – Bellview Catholic School For Girls 5 

  It is a week later and Danielle is back in the Headmaster’s office. She has used the F word to her teachers and even called one of them a fat b*tch!. She was sent to the Headmaster and as promised at the end of her last spanking, she is getting a severe caning. Bent over, her trembling bare bottom received 18 hard stinging strokes with the Headmaster’s trusty cane.

Spanking & Whipping

Spanked In Uniform – Bellview Catholic School For Girls 4 

  Schoolgirl Danielle Hunt is in trouble. She was rude to her teachers and they sent her to the Headmaster. After a good scolding she received a long and hard spanking over the Headmaster’s knee and she was put in the corner. He warned her that if she backtalks any of her teachers again, she will be severely caned! Will she obey? We shall see in part two….

Spanking & Whipping

Spanked In Uniform – The Masonfield Prison For Women 5 

  Sometimes inmates smuggle in certain items and in this case inmate Hunt was caught smuggling in a few pair of white knickers. Knickers are forbidden in the prison to allow easy access to bare bottoms when they need to be disciplined. Danielle was told to report to Punishment Room One and there she got a long hard bare bottom strapping.

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