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FROM HUBBY TO SISSY CUCK feat Astrodomina 

It’s friday night! Are you ready to have some fun before I leave tonight? Staring out of your cage at your cruel cuckolding wife Sydney, she’s talking about her day and how glad she is it’s finally Friday night, because she’s going out to a fancy party with her boyfriend! No of course you can’t go, you just wouldn’t fit in. You see, it’s all alpha males and hot women at some mansion. Everyone there would just laugh at you!…

Female Domination

Tiny Chaste – Constance’s Cuckold 

  Constance’s cuckold doesn’t get sex. She has a husband for that. He is a real man. Her cuck is just a play toy. Someone to mess with, take his money and leave him frustrated. She loves to rub it in his face – figuratively. He’ll never get near her pussy with any part of his body. Tied to the bed, with his legs in shackles, Constance works her cuck up. He’s so excited, but she warns him she and…

Female Domination

Tiny Chaste – Cuckold Husband 

  Nadia has you right where she wants you. In a stainless steel chastity cage. Locked away with no chance for release. It makes her horny to think about the fact you can’t cum without her. Of course, she can cum all she wants. She finds real men who can take care of her in ways you can’t. So listen up hubby, this is your future.

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