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My dumb partner is so trustful! So he recognized he was a secret cuck! Sydney is out at a private gym exercising with her individual trainer when she gets a telephone call from her partner. He simply wants to talk and also see just how she’s doing, he’s SO clingy sometimes! Bit does he understand she’s really fucking her fitness instructor! Also while she’s consoling him her PT is taking down his pants and also searching her, she does not…

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AmericanMeanGirls – Cucky Foot Bitch 

Sometimes I like hurting a slave mentally & emotionally even more than doing it physically. And the more “in love” the slave is with me, the easier it is. Is that really mean that I think that way? Oh well too bad. That’s why I’m a MEAN GIRL and own SLAVES. Because I like being cruel to men. K? K. And this foot-freak loser is TOTALLY obsessed with me. So all I have to do is tease it with my…

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FROM HUBBY TO SISSY CUCK feat Astrodomina 

It’s friday night! Are you ready to have some fun before I leave tonight? Staring out of your cage at your cruel cuckolding wife Sydney, she’s talking about her day and how glad she is it’s finally Friday night, because she’s going out to a fancy party with her boyfriend! No of course you can’t go, you just wouldn’t fit in. You see, it’s all alpha males and hot women at some mansion. Everyone there would just laugh at you!…

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  I have a solution for all your problems. Well, at least one problem for now. I’ll teach you how to cope with being a cuck.   Another week, another therapy session with Dr Sydney. You want to chat some more with Sydney about your relationship with your wife and her desire to start playing with other people. You’re not sure how to respond to it so you’re looking for advice from your therapist. Her advice? Becoming a cuckold. You…

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