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CfnmTV – Humiliate Your Boyfriend Part 6 

Bordered by the giggling ladies, Hassan is instructed to wank. There’s nothing even more absurd than the search a male’s face as he orgasms – as well as Jessica prepares to capture the moment on camera. With that off the beaten track the women are ready to see just how successful their images will certainly be.

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – Night at St. Dunstan’s Part 6 

Mr Douglas is starting to fume under the collar – or at least he would certainly be if he were still putting on any type of garments! He’s more than delighted to aid boost his pupils’ education and learning but is beginning to obtain bewildered by the restless schoolgirls – and quickly locates himself blowing up.

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – Humiliate Your Boyfriend Part 5 

The three women giggle with joy as they humiliate big dumb Hassan. He is firmly bound as well as there’s no other way he can run away as they active themselves taking a growing number of images to blackmail him with. In order to completely exploit him they require to guarantee he’s made to look as shame-faced as possible – as well as they have plenty of suggestions on just how to do it.

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – Night at St. Dunstan’s Part 4 

For the students in Mr Douglas’s course, it looks set to be one more dull day at St Dunstan’s. As she sits there, Julie discovers her mind straying. She believes the teacher is an overall chunk! It’s such a shame he puts on many garments though. She questions simply what he looks like below them all.

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – Humiliate Your Boyfriend Part 4 

Ray has actually given the women with an enjoyable afternoon. But when they are done with him, Nicole’s focus go back to her guy – Hassan. She’s still not pleased with him for being mean and denying her presents. Perhaps he can additionally aid her and her coworkers in making some added cash money?

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – Humiliate Your Boyfriend Part 1 

Romances and intrigues are plentiful at the Jobs and Well-being Centre. Nicole and also Hassan have lastly got it together after months of furtive glances and also grins. However it’s constantly a risky thing dating a person from the workplace! For Ashley and Jessica it’s work as normal – yet the arrival of arrogant Scally Ray brings an opportunity to relieve their dullness. It’s an additional day in the workplace when Ray turns up. But Jessica as well as Nicole…

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – Night at St. Dunstan’s Part 1 

It’s the beginning of another brand-new day at St Dunstan’s and the students are currently plotting ways to get into mischief. As ever it’s a battle between the teachers as well as the children and also women – who can think of far much better means to invest their time than in uninteresting lessons. It remains to be seen who triumphes … and also who ends up stark naked and degraded. As they make their method with the institution entrances…

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CfnmTV – Among Friends Part 3 

What started as a perfectly reputable dinner party has actually descended into something far more interesting! Stark naked as well as following his partner’s every dream, Chris is offering the after dinner home entertainment – offering up his arse for use by the ecstatic lady friends of his better half. It definitely isn’t becoming the kind of evening Chris was anticipating! Yet, constantly anxious to please his other half, he goes along with her video games regardless of how embarrassed…


CfnmTV – Humiliated For Money – Vitas Part 2 

The women begin gently – allowing Vitas obtain an incorrect complacency. He’s all smiles to start with as it feels like the females are merely teasing him a little. However Carla as well as Roxy soon start to up the ant with their captive friend. Vitas has actually never met any type of women like Carla as well as Roxy before. Stunning, seductive as well as difficult to read – he has no choice however to follow their directions and…

Cfnm, Female Domination

CfnmTV – Among Friends Part 2 

Chris is in ownership of some rather racy underclothing! Generally he ‘d keep it as a saucy shock for his partner Fiona. However this evening, at her insistence, he is to design it for all her close friends to see. And she will not even allow him to leave the room to get altered … Fiona excitedly pulls off as well as pulls on Chris’s numerous underwears– each even more revealing than the following. Each time his huge thick penis…

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CfnmTV – Among Friends Part 1 

Dinner parties can typically be stale events: they begin OK, but the conversation quickly runs dry. However when Fiona welcomes her good friends over for the evening she has a lovely surprise for the gathered women – offering her husband Chris as the enjoyment! As the only guy present at the supper celebration, Chris currently feels a little out of place. However when his better half recommends he design his new underwear in front of her friends it gets even…

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