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ShinyBound – Gypsy Bae – Babysitter Likes Bondage 

After Gypsy’s last babysitting gig, she can’t stop thinking about being all taped up and helpless.. The feeling of the tape on her skin, and especially being caught by the parent when they came walking in the door! Makes her so wet just thinking about it.. So, of course when she gets the call to come over and sit for them again, she agrees without a thought! Once there and the parent leaves, she starts talking about how much she…


Shiny Bound – Karly Salinas- Robber Chairtied and Tapegagged 

After finding Karly in his home trying to burglarize it, Shiny has an idea. He quickly ties her to a chair. He is debating on whether or not to call the police on her, but he can take his time to decide.. She isn’t going anywhere fast. She tells him to “let her out of this bullshit..” and is making a bit too much noise, so he shoves a giant sponge ball into her mouth and then wraps her face…


ShinyBound – Kendra James- Realtor Taken Down and Chairtied 

Sexy realtor Kendra shows up to show a potential client a home on the outskirts of town. She goes through the motions explaining the amenities and layout, but before she gets too far into it, the client grabs her from behind and takes her down to the floor! She screams and kicks, but it is no use, he is too strong. He ties her to a chair in the living room and ball gags her (off camera). He unbuttons her…


ShinyBound – Ziva Fey.. Sexy Lingerie Chairtie 

Stunning little Ziva Fey laughs and jokes about as Shiny ties her tightly to her chair. Once the ballgag is in location, it’s go time for Ziva to try her hand at leaving her bonds! Will she have the ability to pull it off?!. or will she most likely simply look entirely adorable struggling and attempting to run away?


Jolene Hexx – Chairtied In Sexy Lingerie 

Hot blonde lingerie wrestler Jolene Hexx submits to a great limited chairtie. She is considerably connected to the chair on display starting with a nice tight crotchrope over the top of her satin panties. As soon as she is safely linked, a ballgag is added and also she battles to attempt to free herself. Near completion, the actual distribution man sounds the doorbell as well as she giggles and also amusingly calls out to him for assistance.

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