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Surprising An Intruder – Vonka Romanov 

Vonka arrives home after a run and encounters an intruder in her bedroom. Intimidated by his presence, she obeys when she is told to gag herself with duct tape. She is then bound hand and foot and left to struggle while the intruder continues raiding her valuables. Vonka manages to free herself and almost escapes from the house, but the intruder catches her before she can leave and, this time, makes her strip down to her panties before tying her…


CinchedandSecured – Ava’s Divorce 

Ava has grown bored with her husband, and demands a divorce. Not only is he hurt by her request, he’s insulted by her demands: She wants half of everything, she wants the car, she wants the house, and she wants him gone immediately! He decides to take matters into his own hands by “negotiating” a settlement a bit more to his own liking! After an unexpected afternoon nap, Ava groggily returns to consciousness to find herself tightly lashed to a…


CinchedAndSecured – Jamie Knotts – Put A Sock In It! 

Jamie has had a contentious relationship with her roommate, although they have always tried to treat each other fairly. Now, however, with a fortune-winning lottery ticket in her possession, her roomie has decided to forego all that nonsense and will stop at nothing to get that prize money! Bound to a chair, she refuses to divulge the hiding place of the ticket, and, infuriated by her refusal to talk, he stuffs her mouth with a fat white sock and wraps…


CinchedandSecured – Garnet Rose – The Chair 

Garnet was a true daddy’s girl, and now she prayed daddy would come to her rescue! The man who had her bound to the chair had no qualms about tying her in wildly uncomfortable positions, sparing no part of her tight little body, as long as it would get him what he wanted. Fused to the furniture, her arms bent back cruelly, her legs splayed wide open, her modesty barely preserved by the tiny panties she sported, she mewled and…


CinchedandSecured – Jana Stops Smoking 

Jana made a pledge to me that she didn’t maintain, and now she’s spending for it! After having vowed to quit smoking, I discovered her cigarette stockpile in the bathroom, therefore now, she’s tied to a chair, her mouth filled with a nice red round, a crotch rope sunk deeply right into her pussy, her feet tied together and misery plunging through every nerve in her body! She tries to refute that the smokes belong to her, so I take…

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