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Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

CruelGirlfriend – You’re Gonna Take It Dawgy Style 

You’re going to be my four-legged bitch! You’re going to wear a collar, you’re going to eat and drink from a bowls on the floor and you’re going to be made to walk on a leash wherever I decide to take you. Your whole life is gonna be dawgy-style. You have no rights you have no clothes and you have no belongings – you’re my owned pet. You’ll live in the cage – just like a real dawg would. You’ll…

Female Domination

SweetFemdom – Charlotte and Her Castra-Bot Part 1 

The villainess Charlotte Sartre hired mad scientist Fluffy to build her a sexy fembot programmed to seduce and castrate powerful men. He’s almost done, but she needs the femdom to castrate the Prime Minister of France tomorrow. “She better be done on time, or it’s your balls.” Charlotte threatens Fluffy while she grips his balls hard. She leaves. He immediately starts talking to the femdom (Bunny Colby) as if she’s his girlfriend. He creepily fondles her tits and ass, then…

CBT & Ballbusting

TinyChaste – Smashing Castration 

Goddess Nadia has the final solution to my inability to follow orders. She intends to castrate me by smashing my dick with her heels and feet until it no longer works. CBT from a sexy domme who is upset with her slave’s behavior and loves his cries of agony.

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Goddess Harley – Say Good Bye To Your Orgasms 

  I am a perfect alpha goddess and you are beta male slime. You should never reproduce, and you will never reproduce, cuz instead of blue balls and chastity, I’ve decided to make you a eunuch. No more balls, LOL. Hacked off, in a nice way…maybe LOL. Actually, not in a nice way… I’ve got a true alpha male on his way over right now and I’m gonna have him beat you and beat you till you beg us to…

Male Insertions

Clubdom – Evelin Stone, Kenzie Reeves – School Girls From Hell 2: Fuck Machine | Release Date: Sep 8, 2017 

  Evelin Stone and Kenzie Reeves are the two toughest girls in their school. They love using their gorgeous looks to get whatever they want. When approached by Toby and Steve, they decide to show them just how they are getting straight A’s this year. They pull the boys into their dungeon. One boy escapes, but Steve is over powered and thrown into a cage. On top of the cage, the girls have their teacher bound and afraid. They have…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Goddess Alexandra Snow – Castration Excites Me 

  Oh my little pet.. Did you forget all about those chat discussions we used to have? Ones where you mentioned how much you’d like to be castrated? Of course I kept them! I’ve been waiting until you trusted me implicitly and would do anything I wanted, and now I’m going to indulge that fetish. I’ve always wanted to remove a man’s cock and balls.. maybe just the balls.. maybe both? I haven’t decided. And so many ways to do…


Subby Hubby – She Has You By The Balls Part 3: Strapon Seduction 

  Inga and her friend Rikki are not finished attempting to get Inga’s husband to cum so she can have his balls in a jar. They decide to try their hardest giving it one more chance. If they do not try to make him cum soon, the very expensive castration Inga had used will be useless. The women decide to fuck him with their strapons like the bitch he is, pounding him mercilessly, driving him deeper and deeper into total…

Female Domination

Clubdom – Paris’s Tormented Pleasure Puppet 

  The slave awakes tied to the table with three gorgeous Mistresses cowering over him. He finds he is restrained and cannot move. Jean Bardot has a castration tool and the women threaten to take his balls off if he does not keep his dick hard to pleasure Paris. He agrees as he has no choice. His cock is hard and Paris tries him out. “No cumming for you, or we take your balls” the women say. Paris rides him…

BDSM, Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

American Mean Girls – Blue Balled Then Castrated Goddess Harley 

You have 2 choices darling, get out and never see me again or consent to complete humiliation, servitude and blue balls followed by daily teasing and denial. Thats what I thought you would choose, haha! Every guy I have ever dated has also chosen the blue balls and it eventually led to me castrating them as they thanked me! But the big turn on for me is the process of denial and torture so once they are chopped off I…

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