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The Whip Chamber – Extreme Sting – Caddy Compson 

  We chain the naked and fragile Caddy Compson facing the wall with her legs spread…and we unleash our Kraken in Sir Nik…he ramps up the play for 20 minutes before really getting into the hard stuff, but the average model would have folded during the warm up…a series of floggers leads to a series of single tails…all the while, Caddy getting redder, getting weaker…by the end, he is using dual tails and 10 foot stock whips…throwing whips like that…


Perfect Slave – Onwards To Oblivion – Caddy Compson 

  In case you weren’t aware of it, Caddy has become the unofficial DungeonCorp mascot of sorts. She always gives us her all and we’re glad to take it, this day being no exception…As a matter of fact, today we’re going to take a little bit more…She finds herself blindfolded and bound in the chair, we watch her every move as she struggles confusedly, her fumbling to gain her bearing tantalizes…We then strip her bare and place her back in…


Tied For Tickling – She Can’t Stand It – Caddy Compson 

  Caddy is roped down and she looks quite worried actually….why? Is Sal approaching her with pliers or a chain saw? no…an electric toothbrush…but some folks would rather have you rip off a body part than to tickle it…Caddy does her best to giggle through it nicely…but then it starts getting to her…the sensitive annoyance of tickle torment becomes apparent…for a true tickle hater, there is no acting…Caddy can’t stand it!


Strict Restraint – Split and Bent – Caddy Compson 

  Caddy is the closest thing to a mascot that DungeonCorp has…She’s an LA girl, born of the LA fetish scene, trained by many a hearty Dom…she’s a player…and she’s hot…very hot…her body is tight…sexy and fragile…Sir Nik is methodical in his treatments as he puts her body through his own regimen of suffering…no part of her body is left untouched.


Perfect Slave -The Rigors of Roping – Caddy Compson 

  This week we give you a bit more of an “inside peek” at the rigors and means that we go to in order to watch these Damsels cum like crazy…The Crew ties Caddy fastidiously in solemn silence. The silence continues until we get Ms. Compson on the bench and then she begins to giggle uncontrollably. Maybe her giggling is some type of nervous reaction when she is in a certain predicament? The laughing soon ends however as this slippery…

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