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Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

Foot-Stroke Rampage With Valora 

“Mmmmm *laughs*…well, little foot-boy…I am going to put you into quite…a task, today…you see that? I have been stepping in cigarette ashes just for you…I know, I’m very thoughtful, aren’t I? So…I know that you’re probably jack off to them right now, and blow your load, but…where would the fun in that be??? so instead, I’m going to time you…starting…now…we will be playing a very torturous game…in which you…will be stroking your cock, and edging yourself for me!…” Beautiful goddess…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Humiliatrix – You Are Sadistic Princess Missy’s Naughty Little Pony Boy 

  “I’m going to harness you, mount you and ride you. I have no doubt you’ll submit to me. I already know that you’re helpless in the face of my sadistic beauty. But when I wrap my thighs around you, kick my heels into your flanks, and crack your ass with my crop, if I see you getting an erection? You’re going to be punished…” Princess Missy, brat girl, rich bitch, demanding equestrienne, pony boy humiliation…

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