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CinchedandSecured – Kendra Keeps Cumming 

There’s something so magical about watching a woman cum. Watching the way her body trembles and erupts with an uncontrollable wave of pleasure when each orgasm rips through her. Watching the way she squirms and moans as you bring the vibrator in place, knowing that she’s completely at your mercy. There is something truly satisfying about teaching her that she isn’t allowed to cum until you grant permission. It’s addictive to watch her fight her own desires and needs, doing…


CinchedandSecured – Izzebella’s Swimsuit Vibrations 

Izzebella was looking forward to a nice relaxing day at the beach, but things did not work out as planned. Seems she had been having a series of wild, noisy parties lately, much to the consternation of her neighbor. She’d refused all of his requests to tone down the noise, so today, she’s going to be the guest of honor at a little party of his own! Grabbed from behind, his hand clamped tightly over her mouth, she was rendered…


ShinyBound – Upside Down Orgasms – Raven Vice 

Gorgeous goth girl Raven Vice submits to an inverted spread eagle predicament on the rack. Now dressed in her spandex swimsuit, she flips upside down in a handstand and Shiny attaches her ankle cuffs to a fixed spreader bar. Once locked, belted into place, and gagged, the Hitachi vibrator is fixed into place on her clit and she is vibed into a huge orgasm!


ShinyBound – The Gamble – Arielle Aquinas 

Sexy Arielle Aquinas feeling rather confident on her poker hand, agrees to an afternoon in bondage if she loses.. “How is that even possible?!” she exclaims when he shows her his winning hand. He smiles and leads her upstairs where he ties her up in a spread strappado and ballgags her. He grabs a wand vibrator and begins to tease her with it. At first she protests, but as the vibrations hit the right spots.. She eases into and begins…


ShinyBound – Kaiia Eve – The Game Part 2- Inverted Orgasms 

Now that Kaiia’s self bondage attempt failed and the cute neighbor guy has her back at his dungeon play space… He wastes no time in stringing her up by her ankles and suspending her upside down! She swings helpless back and forth, moaning and drooling all over. He spins her and spanks her as she begs to be released. Finally he grabs her vibrator and goes to town vibing her crotchrope until she has multiple hanging orgasms! She struggles hard,…


ShinyBound – Strict Bondage Orgasm Training Part 2 

Gorgeous redhead Sarah Brooke wearing a super tight and silky leohex thong leotard and shiny dance tights.. submits to a sexy back arched frogtied nipple predicament! First frogtied on the table, she leans back and her arms are tied behind her at the wrists and elbows and then secured down. A head harness ballgag is added and tied back to her elbows as well. Now leaned back and unable to move her head to see what’s happening to her, her…


Shinybound – Kaiia Eve- The Game Part 1- Self Bondage Fail 

Kaiia loves to play games and tease the cute new neighbor guy.. Usually she just flirts or waves at him as she comes home, but today she decides she is going to take it to the next level. She calls and asks him if he can come help her move her bedroom furniture around at about 3pm. He agrees and she tells him the door will be unlocked and to just come on in when he gets there. She puts…


ShinyBound – Strict Bondage Orgasm Training Part 1 

Gorgeous redhead Sarah Brooke wearing a super tight and silky leohex thong leotard and shiny dance tights.. submits to a very extreme hogtie/suspension on the table. With her elbows cranked together, she is hoisted up off of the surface of the table and hanging there helpless. A harness ballgag is added and her head is pulled back with more rope. The drool starts flowing immediately. Just when she thinks it can’t get any worse, Shiny pulls out a vibrator and…


ShinyBound – The Satin Splits – Jenna Noelle 

In our first video with sexy Jenna Noelle, she happily submits to a strained splits crotchrope predicament tie. Wearing silky satin lingerie and stockings, Shiny ties her spread between two poles with her hands tied behind her. Once she is secure, a rope is tied around her waist, up through her satin crotch, and anchored up to the electric winch. With a couple presses of the button, her crotchrope tightens superbly into place and Shiny grabs the hitachi vibrator and…


ShinyBound – Kendra James – Pole Tied Predicament 

Sexy Domme Kendra James gets a taste of her own medicine in this serious pole tied predicament. Progressively tied to the pole in her satin corset and nylons, reverse weighted nipple clamps are applied and her crotch is fitted with a angry Hitachi vibrator. She struggles against the pole, overwhelmed by the vibes… Everytime she moves the tiniest bit, the clamps pull harder on her poor sensitive nipples. Her mouth is propped wide open with a ring gag and she…


ShinyBound – Strict Strappado’d and Cumming 

After hot goth lady Raven Vice’s stopped working retreat attempt, Shiny maintains his guarantee to again connect her up in a tighter dilemma. Cuffing her arms together behind her at the wrists as well as elbow joints, he devises an inhuman strappado dilemma that integrates a limited crotchrope as hell. Once Raven is puppeteer-ed into area, spread wide, as well as well balanced. He gets hold of the vibe as well as goes to town on her inadequate firmly roped…

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DominatrixAnLi – Floating Fucktoy: Full Movie 

Make him defenseless, and make him my bitch! That’s my slogan with all the men in my life, at least.;-RRB-. I simply bought myself a new natural leather suspension collection, and also I was so ecstatic to try it out on servant gimpy. He’s such a little bitch that he gladly let me tie him up, suspend him, and make him absolutely vulnerable to all my assaults. I mean simply take a look at him – hanging up with his…


Locked in a Restrictive Head Box, Elise is Le 

Sensory Deprivation Orgasms -t With ear plugs wedged deep right into my ears and also a foam-lined box locked onto my head, Greatest Restraint is in full control of my body – despite having my hands cost-free. He has control over my head, as well as if you can control a person’s head, you can control every little thing. I go to his mercy, and also luckily he takes good treatment of me. Beginning in a seated setting, my nipple…


ShinyBound – Lydia black – Glamour Girl Tied and Vibed 

Stunning Lydia Black is wearing a smooth satin Cheongsam design outfit and opera handwear covers. She is tied down level to a board with her ams overhanging. A vibe has actually been tied safely in position on her crotch as well as she is gagged with a tight shiny ballgag. The switch is turned and also she has a hard time hard in between mind shattering climaxes. About half way with, her outfit is pulled down, exposing her little titties….

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