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DirtyDommes – Milked and trained puppy 

Playing with my human young puppy is enjoyable, he requires a great deal of training though … I want him to walk behind me on all fours like an excellent dog, recognizing he will certainly be coveting my leather boots. I locate it funny when his dick expands harder from just sniffing and being close to my boots, I love viewing him hump them as well. Obviously I maintain full control over him like a great owner … as well…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

The Attic Thief Caught and Used in the Act: ENTIRE MOVIE 

Madame Catarina dressed in stunning red leather pants and black over the knee high heels has decided to pay a visit to her secret attic playroom As expected she discovers a thief attempting to break in to the apartments below, but Madame Catarina has come prepared and very soon the thief is overwhelmed and forced to strip naked and tethered to a ladder. Madame Catarina thinks she will have some fun before she decides what to do with the thief…

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DirtyDommes – Teased and milked leather slut part 1 

Mistress Nikki Whiplash was so kind to introduce her “boot slut” to me and indeed he was very horny and hungry for our footwear!But he knows his place, underneath our heels and soles. His tongue ready to lick and worship every inch of our patent and leather boots.His cock just kept growing, even more so when we squeezed it between our boots, ha ha. So we kept teasing him, with our heels, our hands and sexy bodies.The poor slave had…

Shoe & Boots, Shoejob

DirtyDommes – Horny leather porndog 

I am keeping one of my boot slaves as a human doggy in my house. He is wellbehaved but also very horny. Desperate to always be near my thigh high boots and to be able to smell the quality leather. I love toying with his brain, getting him all excited and dripping precum…knowing he has no other choice than to wait for my signal to cum. But not yet…first he must be made to hump my leather boots!

Shoe & Boots

FetishLiza – Leather and rubber bootjob part 1 

How hot are my flat boots? They are amazing aren’t they?! A sexy combination of leather and rubber, they fit me so well. Look at the stitching, the details and the rubber soles. They will get your cock hard in no time, especially in combination with my ass in jeans.

Shoe & Boots

Chateau-Cuir – Cum licking boot slut part 1 

My leather boots and Lady Fabiola Fatale’s are a bit dusty from all that walking in the dungeon. Luckily we have our very own boot whore to come clean them up with his tongue. Crawling and kneeling at our divine boots to touch and lick them, he knows his duty but needs some extra motivation from our whips. He is so eager to taste that leather, he cannot hide how excited he has become.

Shoe & Boots

FetishLiza – Patent overknee bootjob part 1 

My boot bitch is waiting for me, cuffed and hooded. His task is to clean and polish my sexy black boots. He needs guidance and encouragement, so I have him on a leash and I keep my whip ready. I love watching his tongue on my booted legs, he must show me he is worthy of more…a release on my boots.


FetishLiza – Gold thigh high bootjob 

I simply adore my golden thigh high boots in leather. Don’t they just look amazing?! Especially with jeans they make your cock twitch, don’t they? I want you to fuck my boots, in various positions. Feel those leather overknees on your dick with a firm grip. Fuck them hard until you make yourself cum all over them. I like your spunk dripping off my booted legs.

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