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Female Domination, Oral & Asslicking

MeanBitches – Emma Hix 2 

Glenn orders some food to eat at the pool however when the attractive food delivery woman arrives, she starts bossing him around. She knows a weak simp when she sees one … she quickly has him feeding her the food he got while she relaxes by his swimming pool. Within a few minutes, she has her brand-new servant agreeing to do …

Cuckolding, Female Domination

MeanBitches – Briana Banks 7 – Cuckold 

After your better half Briana cheated on you and also giggled in your face about it, you asked her to see the household priest. You were hoping he would speak with her regarding being an extra faithful partner. She tells you that she informed him everything about just how she cheated on you and also revealed him some photos of your little penis. He told …

Female Domination, Giantess

Tinyfetishfun – Sapphire Blue 

The foot high muscled and toned activity guy remains in for a squashing time as he respects his significant, buxom, blonde Giantess. She towers above him and also he recognizes he has little control over what happens to him next as she steps closer as well as hovers her sharp, high heels straight over him intimidating to crush him – 4K, Activity Man, Blondes, Heels Crush, Foot Crush, Butt Crush

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

Syren Productions – Evelyn Busts Balls 

Girlfriend Evelyn is in the state of mind to breast some rounds. She has Bart standing before her as she kicks him consistently with her heels. She chuckles as Bart doubles over in pain from the kicks. She likewise suches as to punch his nuts and after that she removes her heels for some bare foot kicks. She places Bart on the bed and also dominates him to kick his rounds some more.


RestrainedElegance – Long Term Pony Girl Training (Part Three) 

Ariel’s training proceeds to the kitchen for feeding time. Still in her pony girl harness, head harness and bit gag, the trainer chains her to a chain with heavy steel chains. Once she is securely fastened he adds clamps to her already sensitive nipples, making every slight movement into a painful experience for the recalcitrant submissive. Once he has her proper immobilised, it is time for pony girl feeding. He lays out a bowl of oats and a bowl of…


Ariel Anderssen – Long Term Pony Girl Training (Part Two) 

Naked, collared, cuffed and chained to the ceiling, Ariel awakens back in the pony girl prison cell. She tests her bonds, but the cuffs are securely padlocked in place and there’s no way to even reach the attachment point of the chain in the ceiling. She has no idea where she is or how long she has been here. Is she underground? It’s so cold! Why is she here? Is it because she wouldn’t wear the pony girl harness? That…

Female Domination, Fighting, Scissorhold

Introducing Scarlet Vice 

A pure and instant addiction wrestles here for the first time — smoking hot 18-year-old Scarlet Vice, who played soccer for seven years and here gets proficient at applying submission holds at a lighting pace. The stunning young girl has him deep in a rear naked choke early, flashing a pearl-white smile as her arms flex around his neck. She pours the power on her straight headscissors as Thin Man suffers. A brutal figure four headscissors. her body looks poured…

Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

Bound And Tugged – Lila Lovely 

Lila has taken her employee will to convention. Before the days over he asks if Lila needs anything before he goes to his rideshare job. he also cant help but notice the ropes on Lilas bed and asks whats up with that. She tells him she’s been practicing ropework and could actually use wills help. Reluctantly Will obliges after she offers to pay for his time. Lila is so excited she eagerly begins tying him up, She cant help but…

Female Domination, Pegging, Strap-on

Goddess Dommelia – Sissy Revenge! 

I’ve got a gift for Miss P… But it’s not your usual birthday gift. I’ve kidnapped and sissified the bully we went to high school with. He used to tease us, destroy our makeup, throw our tampons out of our bags. But now it’s time for us to get our own back! We tease him, spank him, gag him, and take turns spit roasting him to see how he likes it when he’s been turned into our little sissy bitch….

Foot Worship

HouseofSinn – To adore a Goddess 

Mistress Saida is in a playful mood tonight and every naughty thought is about Her gorgeous feet, from Her dainty toes to the beautifully formed arch, all the way up slim ankles and down again. The boy loves to worship and he really tries to do a good job but. Her almost naked body is so very distracting. What will happen if he doesn’t do a good job?

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