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BeautiesInBondage – Web Of Corruption – Alba Zevon 

Alba used to work as a clerical assistant at police headquarters, where she uncovered evidence of corruption by several police officers. She has received a subpoena to appear in court to give evidence but has decided she did not want to testify because of the backlash she would experience (police offers pulling her over and giving her tickets in retribution, for example), so she is a no show in court. Subsequently, a warrant was issued for her arrest. When Officer…


A Servant’s Pleasure 

Bertie, the chauffeur, is a man of many talents. When Mistress LeBadd gets into one of her somber moods, he merely strips her, binds her hands and feet, and then explores her helpless and exposed body with his cruel fingers. Her most ticklish and sensitive regions are completely under his control. Her hysterical laughter attracts the attention of her lovely neighbor, Sharon, who in turn finds herself stripped, bound and under the evil touch of Bertie the Chauffeur!

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

BratPrincess2 – Lets Hang a Brick from Its Balls and Hit them with Bat 

The girls needed someone to mess with for the day. Someone to make good content with. They tie their masked slaves balls really tight so they are about to pop. The color is disgusting. Its so tight that it’s a deep dark purple color. LOL Seems like we always turn balls different colors. Something we are really good at! The girls yank his grossed tied nuts around. Up and down as they strike him with a wooden bat. The taps…


RestrainedElegance – Tillie The Haunted Mirror 

Psychic Investigator Tillie is looking into stories of hauntings at the old Peabody mansion. Down in the cellars she finds a strange mirror that gleams and glitters in the light of her torch. She catches sight of her reflection in the mirror – and sees herself tied up! She looks down at her wrists to reassure herself because she can almost feel the ropes constricting her slender wrists… and suddenly the bondage is real!


Bizarre Twist 

Lovely Ariele relives a strange experience buried in her subconscious. She has been stripped of her clothing and tightly bound. It all seems so real. The ever-constricting pressure of rope biting into her flesh. The slender fingers of her own therapist prodding her every ticklish spot. Her hypnotic dream becomes even more bizarre when the therapist Dr. Angella is stripped and bound and dancing madly under Ariele’s tickling fingers.


Deviant Devil – Lyra Law (2020) 

Lyra Law is no stranger to kinks and hardcore sex, and in this compilation, we present the absolute best of her! Watch her get tied up and teased till she cant hold it in anymore, or how about some girl-on-girl action? This compilation has it all!

Female Domination

A Delicious Little Appetizer Before An Ass-kicking 

Happy Tuesday freaks, here’s a quick little clip of how sad and pathetic all the loser’s who come to the Manor hoping to be Our slaves really are … HAHAHAHAHAhahaha … Before this sad little terrorist got stripped down, beaten, and treated like the abject piece of trash it is to Us, it begged and pleaded to be allowed to taste the dirt from My Boots… GAWD are you all such sad ridiculous things… but now and then even the…

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