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Mistress Lady Renee – Pay Up Pig 

It’s pay day bitch, time to hand over your hard earned cash, just to save yourself from being exposed as the pervert loser that you are. I have all of those incriminating and embarrassing pictures of you, you remember don’t you? How much do you think they are worth? It is so easy for Me to send it to your step-mother, share it with your friends, expose you to your boss. Beg all you like bitch, but the only thing…

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Million Dollar Contract : Financial Domination – Mandy Flores 

src=”” /> Its been 5 years I’ve had my English slave in an agreement. Every 6 months he takes the long travel to pamper, ruin and offer me. Because every 6 months he signs his agreement face to face and documented on camera.In April its constantly in Vegas. He needs to strive as well as think of different means to make each journey better than the last. Penthouse at the Bellagio behaves surprise. I call him in, its time to…

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The Blackmailed Criminal – Clean my dirty feet! 

Today I’m meeting with an old acquaitance of mine. We have known each other for years but recently I found out a horrible secret about my friend. He looks shy and rigid, but he is actually a criminal. He follow girls home and sexually plays with them to satisfy his sick fetishes. He is a monster, not a friend! I take the law in my own hands and invite him to my apartment to have a little chat with him….

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

Ball Busting The Boss – Kendra Lynn 

Kendra works in an office where her so called Boss is such a creep. He touches all the girls in the office all the time without there permission..which is totally not right. On top of that he NEVER gives any women promotions which is fucked up, so Kendra invited him over to her house to have some fun! He thinks he is coming over to get some ass but he is really going to receive a nice session of getting…

Female Domination

Cheating Dad Caught And Punished By Stepdaughter 

Mikki Morgan was walking by her stepfather’s room when she overheard him talking about cheating on her mother. After hearing this cheating loser, Mikki decided she is going to have a little fun and turn her stepdad into her bitch. When her father walked in and tried to give her chores before leaving to go on his date, he soon found himself being called out and blackmailed into doing anything his stepdaughter tells him. She makes him strip and get…

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Indica Fetish Turns Cheating Husband Into Her Foot Slave 

Indica Fetish & Toby Springs have been seeing each other for 6 months now, but for some reason he only has time for her on Tuesdays. While he goes to the bathroom, his phone rings and Indica finds out the real reason why he can only see her Tuesdays. Once Toby comes back, she tells him that his wife called and if he does not want her to know he is a cheating loser, then he better do everything she…

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TheBratPrincess – Poisonous Footjob 

This clip first appeared in 2013. Listen, Bat. I’m going to take over this city, one way or another. My poisonous lipstick is stronger than ever, and just one kiss had you delirious enough to be tied and taken into My lair. You can’t resist My charms, My seduction, My tricks. I have a plan for all plans: I’m going to tease you and manipulate you until you can’t take it anymore. I’m going to work your super orgasm out…

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GoddessFootjobs – Mail Order Bride – Crystal Rush 

Crystal Rush is a mail order bride from Russia. Her new husband knows she’s become unhappy with the arrangement and is recording an attempt to reconcile their differences. The man offers a foot massage which an indifferent Crystal accepts. Massaging her feet soon leads into licking and toe sucking. Crystal seems quite surprised and put off as her husband continues to up the ante. Flipping her over, he sucks on her toes from behind becoming so worked up he pulls…

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GoddessFootDomination – Who’s In Control Now? – Sophia Leone 

Sophia wants to go party with her friends but Uncle Jack has other ideas. He has his niece bent over his knee receiving a spanking. She’s not going anywhere dressed like that so long as he’s in control. Squirming free of her uncle’s clutches, Sophia is hit with an ultimatum. Leave the house like that and she can forget all about her Spring Break trip. Sophia relents to Uncle Jack’s threat and agrees to stay in for the evening. Іhortly…

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GoddessFootJobs – Internet Theft – Mia Martinez 

Investigating a complaint about slow internet a repairman finds himself rummaging through Mia Martinez’s closet. After briefly pausing to sample the aroma of her worn sneakers he discovers an unauthorized router. Mia confronts the man about the intrusion only to find herself on the defensive as to the legitimacy of her internet connection. Mia panics at the revelation that she owes in excess of $1,000 to the cable company along with criminal charges of theft. She pleads to resolve the…

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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Blackmailed by the Boss 

You’ve been caught. Don’t try to deny it, I have the proof right here. You’ve been jerking off at work again. You’ve been reprimanded several times because of your porn addiction but you just can’t seem to keep it out of the workplace. As your boss, I just can’t stand for this sort of behavior. Now, putting this sort of thing on your record would look bad on the both of us. So instead of filing a complaint with the…

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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Financial Contract 

  This is not a fantasy clip. This is real contract driven financial domination. The price is increased so that only serious slaves who wish to be financially dominated can purchase this clip. Only by purchasing this clip will you be provided the link to my personal financial domination payment contract. As a rule, I do no task halfway. This is why I am able to drive you to the edge with every flavor of domination in my arsenal. Now,…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Goddess Alexandra Snow – Your Sister and the Jock 

  You’ve heard stories about your sister from the boys at school. They say she’s fucked the captain of the football team. She gives you the whole story, all right. But she doesn’t fail to notice the tent in your pants you got while listening to her talk about her sexual exploits. She knows you’re a pervert and unluckily for you she’s going to use that against you. She’ll give you a little taboo tease, but for a price. Now,…

Foot Jobs

Goddess Footjobs – Lilly Hall – Student Tastes His Cock on Her Feet 

  When student Lilly Hall was caught with pot in her bag at school, her footperv teacher had better things in mind than simply turning her in. Now, every week, she has to come to his classroom, strip off her shoes, and give him her gorgeous feet! He uses her feet in any way he desires and does exactly what he says, or she’ll be kicked out of school. Since Lilly recently turned 18, her teacher wants to take it…

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