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BondageJunkies – Lola vs. A Little Lift 

Lola’s situation starts simple enough. Legs spread with a bar, arms tied into a column and attached to the ceiling above. Aside from her feet getting tired in heels she would likely be able to stay in that position all day. In my play space, nothing is that simple. With a press of a button the actuator starts to pull. With over 1500 newtons of force pulling it will take her off her feet with hardly any strain. The question…


BondageJunkies – Lola vs. Alexa’s AI 

When I told Lola I ‘d written a girlfriend program for Alexa she could not wait to try it. In spite of the absence of testing Lola intended to try it anyhow. The restricted AI is set up to select from a large range of self-bondage connections and also situations. Its actual intelligence is understanding what ties work with each other. Alexa has control over an electromagnet which will certainly hold Lola’s vital to flexibility. When she activates Alexa’s program…

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