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Compromised: Tommy Pistol Interrogates Tommy King’s Holes 

Professional spies and couple Tommy King and Tommy Pistol are “sleepers” waiting for an assignment from the agency. When Tommy Pistol has reason to believe King has been compromised he must resort to an interrogation of the kinkiest kind to get the truth out of her. Starting with some deep throat fucking and a thorough ass slapping that turns Tommy’s sensitive skin bright pink Mr King demands some answers out of his partner. But she reveals nothing. Tommy does everything…


Kink – Katie Kush and Johnny Castle: Tormented Bondage Slut 

Katie is a full fledged bondage slut who loves all things BDSM. She made a request to be topped by Johnny Castle because they have some chemistry. As soon as they arrive on set, the chemistry is evident, so we get Katie tied up and prepared for Johnny. She begins with one of her legs pulled up high, leaving her cunt completely exposed. Katie’s body is pulled in every direction to render her helpless, and Johnny can’t wait to brutally…


Kink – Memories: Kira Noir and King Noir 

Loss is a part of life. This is a lesson Kira Noir has had to learn recently. As she daydreams, thinking of her former lover King Noire, she can’t help but to drift into the memories of the hot, passionate sex the two used to have. Giving herself fully to him, the hot passion that they would share as she would submit to his each and every desire, the intoxicating pleasure he would give her. The memories of her former…


Kink – Lydia Black Suffers in Grueling Bondage 

Lydia enjoys being pushed past her comfort zone, but their is a trust factor that is needed for such intense shoots. The Pope is one that she trusts and allows him to push her beyond what she is normally willing to endure. Lydia begins kneeling on ht bed with her arms pulled into a strappado behind her, and her legs tied tightly holding them apart. It’s time for the pain to engulf her body and mind, and what better way…

Female Domination

Brave Slave Gets All The Treats 

We find Goddess Vivienne with her male slave in a jail cell. He is tied by the ankles and wrists to the bars and stands there helplessly gooning with a hard cock. Goddess proceeds to show off her flogging skills, lashing him skillfully on the chest, stomach and cock. She then moves on to double bullwhips. The slaves cock deflating as he concentrates on his pain. Goddess is proud of the slave for being so brave so she rewards him…

Female Domination, Strap-on

Kink – Peeping Tom Gets Gangbanged 

Dommes Vanessa, Jessica and Charlie are enjoying an afternoon of topless sunbathing by the pool when they hear some rustling in the bushes. They spot slave Fluffy spying on them and quickly capture him. Man, did he pick the wrong women to peep on! Before you know it, Fluffy is trapped in a round hanging cage with the Dommes whirling him around, smacking him with crops and rulers, showering him with spit and kissing and eating pussy just below the…


Pretty Powerhouse: Kasey Kei Humiliates her Ex, Rodrigo Amor 

Don’t let her size fool you, this tiny powerhouse Kasey Kei packs a powerful punch! If you’re into verbal humiliation and dick torment, press play immediately. The scene starts with Rodrigo Amor elaborately tied-up, spread-eagle to the inside of a dilapidated RV camper. He’s helpless and submissive, wearing only small underwear cinched up around his enormous package. From the minute Kasey enters the scene, we all know who’s in charge! A delightful mix of bratty and sadistic, Kasey puts Rodrigo…

Shemale & Ladyboy

Kink – Jade Venus and Jake Waters: When The Trainer Is Trained 

Jade Venus takes trainer Jake Waters on a wild ride when she invites him over to her dungeon for one of her fun parties. She warns him that she doesn’t play nice and she wasnt joking. Blindfolded, gagged and bound to St. Andrew’s cross Jake is about to get a taste of Mistress Venus’s deliciously dominating training sessions. With long wavy hair and even longer legs Venus is decked out in a super sexy leather and latex outfit, thigh high…


Kink – Forgive Me Father – Christian Wilde, Brooklyn Gray 

Brooklyn has a long history with the priest at church. It’s complicated, and complex, and now Brooklyn is realizing that maybe things have gone on for long enough. Maybe it’s time to end the cycle that has engulfed their life for so long. This is going to be harder than it sounds, but Brooklyn knows that something has to change, because enough is enough. Christian, her priest, isn’t going to release one of his flock that easily, especially one that…


Kink – Katie Kush: Bendy Bitch in Bondage 

Katie Kush is very flexible and loves to push her limits when she does bondage shoots. She begged The Pope to push her hard today, so he puts her in brutal and strict rope bondage. The first scene has Katie standing in the middle of the dungeon with her hands above her head, which is basic, but keeps her helpless. Don’t fear, she is about to get a rude awakening as he begins to take this basic tie, and build…


Kink – Jane Wilde: Giving Up The Ass 

Jane has been flirting with her neighbor behind her boyfriend’s back. She is planning a big backyard show to let him see everything but her boyfriend Quinton has other plans. He noticed that she’s been distracted lately so when she leaves her phone on the counter he can’t help but take a look. He finds out that she has been flirting heavily with the neighbor George and that he has plans to fuck her ass in the backyard next to…


Kink – Proving Her Worth: Luna Lovely 

Every once in a while we get a model who talks the talk, and can walk the walk. These moments are sporadic, but when we have one, we take full advantage. Luna Lovely is one of those models, and The Pope finally gets his hands on her for Hogtied. The first position is to get to know her, and have her body readily available for him to test every part of her. The initial touch puts a smile across Luna’s…


Kink – Fresh Meat: Lumi Ray 

Device bondage is an experience all it’s own in the BDSM world. It can’t easily be explained unless one has been subjected to this type of bondage. The steel is a different animal from rope, and has to be respected as such in order to make it through the day. With that said, it shows us a lot about our newest addition, Lumi Ray, and her tenacity as a human. She begins on her knees with her arms pulled into…


Kink – Victoria Voxxx: Brutal Bondage 

Victoria Voxxx thrives when she suffers at the hands of The Pope. She feels powerful as she submits to him. Her day begins with her on the floor, one leg is pulled up and the other is tied to her body to keep it out of the way. Her hands are tied behind her back and to the post she is tethered to. Her pussy is exposed, as are her sensitive soles. The Pope has sadistic plans for both areas….

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