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Bondage Junkies – Bella vs. Technical Difficulties 

With her boyfriend working late every night for a month Bella was getting very lonely. Taking matters into her own hands she raided his toybox and started to put a plan together to get him home early. Setting her phone to record and transmit the video after 15 minutes she put on her show. Dressed in his favorite leotard she went to work securing herself to the couch. Having fun struggling around and teasing him she figured that it was…


BondageJunkies – Lucy vs. Interest Owed 

Lucy was in a tough spot and needed money for rent. Out of options, she asked if I would be willing to help. Without collateral, I knew my prospects of seeing the money again were slim. Still, I had a solution I knew she wouldn’t like. As I suspected, a month later Lucy is at my door asking for mercy. She didn’t have the money which meant she was going to stay locked in her chastity belt. As interest, she’d…


BondageJunkies – Autumn vs. Wand Lockdown 

There’s bondage, then there’s such extreme immobilization that even the slightest movement isn’t possible. It is one of my favorite aspects of belt bondage. Each belt can be ratcheted a bit closer until the subs body is rendered immobile. For Autumn she is stuck on her knees with a wand between her legs. Usually, there is enough play to get away when things become too intense but not this time. This ultimately leads to longer and far more intense orgasms….


BondageJunkies – Lola vs. Increased Leverage 

It’s a tricky thing to make chains tight yet lasting. Tight chains is exactly what Lola was craving when she went through the door so naturally, I needed to require. Positioning her on a cushioned horse her arms and legs are wrapped in belts leaving her safe and secure but not tight enough. Her muzzle gag is linked over and also the real fun can begin. It’s apparent she’s enjoying the restriction yet there’s more. Using a few even more…

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