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Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

Clubdom – Cum for Raven and Bella POV 

You have a fantasy. Don’t you? You are secretly a little slut. Aren’t you? You wish that you could suck cock and get fucked in the ass. Don’t you? Goddess Bella and Temptress Raven know all about it. Don’t worry slut. As long as you obey everything they tell you to do, they won’t tell anyone. Don’t you dare touch your little pathetic cock unless instructed! Watch Raven and Bella show you what to do while stroking their strap-on cocks!…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

SubbyHubby – Too Small For Raven and Bella (POV) 

Is that supposed to be your dick? Raven Eve and Bella Ink laugh hysterically. You actually think you could please them? Goddess Bella and Mistress Raven put you in your place and make sure you understand how your tiny cock is completely worthless and pathetic. They decide to have a little fun and tease you by showing you their perfect breasts. Even though your cock is tiny and soft, they will try to get you to cum for them. How…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

SubbyHubby – Stretch It For Raven and Bella (POV) 

Do you want Goddess Bella and Mistress Raven’s big purple cocks in your ass? Of course, you do! You’re a slut and your dream is to be used and abused by dominant women. You dream of being taken from behind like the whore you are. The only problem is that your tight virgin ass can’t handle Raven and Bella’s cocks yet. Your little asshole needs to be stretched. Awe. Don’t worry, Raven and Bella are here to show you the…

Foot Worship

SubbyHubby – Bella and Raven Train the Pool Dude (Full Movie) 

Bella Ink and Raven Eve are looking hot in their skimpy bikini’s relaxing by the pool. They are bored though because they are the only one’s there. They wanted to have some kinky fun today. Just when they almost gave up hope, two pool dudes showed up. While they are cleaning the pool, they notice the two beautiful vixens. They whisper to each other that they are going to try to hook up. The ladies notice the two young guys…


SubbyHubby – Bella and Raven Train the Pool Dude Part 4: Strap On 

The Ladies tell their slave that it’s time for phase 4 of his training. They have already made him worship feet, suck cock and teased him with pussy. Now it’s time for his real slut training! Bella Ink and Raven Eve are wearing big purple strap on cocks. They already know this bitch can suck a good cock. But he has to get their cocks wet, so they can pound his tight asshole. Goddess Bella fucks the slut in the…

Female Domination

SubbyHubby – Bella and Raven Train the Pool Dude Part 3: Pussy Tease 

Now that he has gotten his cock sucked, the dude with the big cock is getting cocky! He wants to know if he won. He probably thinks that the winner gets to fuck the Ladies. Bella Ink and Raven Eve inform him that having a big cock doesn’t mean much to them. They tell the guys that their prize is going to be getting fucked in the ass by Bella and Raven with their strap ons. That’s too much for…

Bisexual, Cuckolding, Small Penis Humiliation

SubbyHubby – Bella and Raven Train the Pool Dudes Part 2: Forced Bi 

The pool cleaning dudes are out of the heat and inside the house. They think that they have scored big time. However, Raven Eve and Bella Ink have different plans. They tell the guys that they are kinky. Really kinky! They tell the boys that they probably can’t handle it. The dudes say they are kinky too and are ready to get started with the fun. Bella and Raven tell the boys to take off their pants so they can…

Foot Worship

SubbyHubby – Bella and Raven Train the Pool Dudes Part 1: Foot Worship 

Raven Eve and Bella Ink are relaxing by the pool in their skimpy bathing suits. The only problem is that there is no one around to show off their hot bodies to. They are disappointed, usually there are so many more people around! Looks like it’s going to be an uneventful relaxing day by the pool. Things start shaping up when two hot guys show up to clean the pool. The guys notice the Ladies by the pool and start…

Female Domination

Clubdom – Raven and Bella Teach Kitty: Chindo 

Mistress Kitty is sitting with Goddess Bella waiting for her surprise. When Bella removes her hand from in front of Kitty’s eyes, she sees that Temptress Raven is holding a new slave by the leash. Kitty squeals with excitement as Raven tells her that she is the owner of a brand-new slave. Kitty has proven herself as a Femdom and the new slave is hers to do with as she pleases. Raven and Bella have another surprise for Kitty! They…

Shoe & Boots

Clubdom – Raven and Bella teach Kitty: Strap On 

Kitty is getting so hot and horny watching the slaves go down on her friends. The women all laugh hysterically as the two slaves struggle to deep throat their big cocks and gag. Goddess Bella and Temptress Raven have no mercy on the two helpless guys, forcing them to continue to cuck, ramming their strap-ons down the slaves’ throats. Now that their cocks are sufficiently lubed with slave spit, Bella and Raven put the two sluts on each end of…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Clubdom – Now Introducing Mistress Kitty 

Mistress Raven Eve and Mistress Bella Ink have a surprise for their slave that is locked up in a cage under where they’re sitting. He will be a guinea pig for one of their friends. Mistress Kitty enters the room wearing a black bra, short black skirt and thigh high black boots. Her beautiful bare ass is clearly visible under her skirt. Any man would gladly submit to anything this vixen desires. The new Mistress joins Bella and Raven on…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Clubdom – Bella Ink, Nikki Brooks – Jerk That Tiny Dicklette | Release Date: Sep 7, 2017 

  Goddesses Bella Ink and Nikki Brooks dragged you into the dungeon so they can watch you jerk your pathetic tiny little cock. The Goddesses are wearing latex dresses and thigh high boots, but can’t help but chuckle at your laughably small penis, they just feel sorry for you. Goddess Nikki Brooks and Bella Ink give you masturbation instructions since no other person alive would want to touch that pathetic disgusting little dicklette.

Shoe & Boots

Clubdom – Slave Cum On Goddess Boots 

  Goddess Nikki Brooks and Goddess Bella Ink are wearing latex dresses and thigh high black boots since they have an event to attend later. The issue is that their boots are dirty, and they want them to be spotless. Nikki Brooks and Bella Ink selected two of their slaves to have the privilege to clean their boots with their tongues and leave them spotless. Goddess Bella Ink grabs her slave’s head and forces his head up and down the…

Female Domination

Subby Hubby – If I Only Was A Leprechaun 

  Toby is all dressed up to go to a St. Patrick’s day party, but get’s let down when he can’t get a ride. Right before he falls asleep, he wishes he was a real leprechaun so he could get all the gold, and all the hot girls. Toby awakes in his dream surrounded by two lovely women, Nikki Brooks and Bella Ink show up to give him all of his heart’s truest desires. Toby finds himself inbetween the two…

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