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BegToCum – Amber Ivy – Controlling The House Slave 

This clip is from our former Beg To Cum website, now for Men Are Slaves members to enjoy! What is the key to having a hard working house slave? That’s easy, just keep him horny and hungry. Amber Ivy knows this very well which is why she edges and denies this slave regularly to keep him horny and compliant.

Handjob & Milking

BegToCum – Miss Morgan Calls The Shots 

Will this male that Miss Morgan has brought home get to cum today? Ultimately it’s not his decision because she runs the show. Hence she will decide if, when and how he will cum. Although in this case it is very likely that she will just edge, torment and deny him in the end.

Handjob & Milking

BegToCum – I Want You To Fuck My Hand – Queen Kat 

Queen Kat has no pity on the men she owns and controls. They are hers to use as she sees fit, which is why she loves to edge and deny them for days on end. She will torment this slave with the chance of an orgasm but it’s unlikely she will allow one, since men perform better when they are hungry and horny.

Handjob & Milking

BegToCum – It’s Just Me And The Cock Now 

This clip is from our former Beg To Cum website, now for Men Are Slaves members to enjoy! Traditionally when a woman announces that it’s just her and your cock now, that would make any male excited. But this male knows better because Mistress Helena does not have good intentions for his cock, and surely intends to deny it any pleasure.

Handjob & Milking

Beg To Cum – Just A Regular Day For Chanell 

  Another day, another male slave bound in Chanell Heart’s basement. Capturing and tormenting males is a sport for her because luring males into her trap is just so easy. Now with him fully bound means she can get down to edging and denying him until he is a blubbering begging mess.

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