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AstroDomina – POWERLESS PART 1 

As soon as I have you locked up there’s no going back. It’s time to have some enjoyable! Sydney’s latest sufferer finds himself in his very own wardrobe, on his knees and bound, gagged and also blindfolded. He had simply answered an innocent knock at the door, saw a gorgeous eastern woman and that’s the last thing he remembers! Suddenly the wardrobe door slides open. She overlooks at her little victim – she notifies him he needed to put you…

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AstroDomina – Thristy For My Cock 

Your asshole is mine, and also today we’re mosting likely to make it even larger with my most recent dildo. You understand Sydney likes taking things to the next level right? What does that mean for you? Only good things. It suggests she wants to take you better down this bunny hole. Speaking of openings, how’s that butt of yours? Still a little sore from our last session? Well currently Sydney wants only one point: a larger hole. So because…

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AstroDomina – Ass Face 

I like getting my butt venerated. As well as currently I have a little thing that will ensure my servant can’t get away from my ass even if he intended to. Super! Sydney has a brand-new contraption she wishes to experiment with her ass servant. It’s a harness/backpack kind contraption that basically links his face to her magnificent ass. His face is attached to her ass, with no place to go. The only activity he has is for his tongue…

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Sock Boy Subjugation feat AstroDomina 

I have a soft spot for my foot children as well as my sock boys. This moment, you get to watch me parade before you as well as tease you with my feet as well as socks. You get to hang out with your favorite Domme once again. As a loyal foot child, you can never ever run away those beautiful feet and also socks. Today Sydney has you on a cock chain. She wants to include a collar as…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination

AstroDomina – Facesitting Bet 

After a fun evening out with Astro Domina a specific fetish video clip producer has actually gotten a little cocky regarding his ability to withstand facesitting. So they make a bet that at any time he taps out he’ll need to be Astro’s slave for a week! Nevertheless, after such a fun evening out at the club Astro appears to be a little uncertain on the guidelines as well as decides to count every single time the producer breaths as…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination

AstroDomina – Leather Facesitting 

An unlucky slave, linked to a table. Arms locked to the sides. Feet linked to the table. Goddess Sydney strolls in, wearing black natural leather thigh high boots. As she is circling her target, it becomes clear that he won’t stand a possibility against whatever she has actually planned for him. This time around, she will certainly use her butt as a tool of sub damage. She grinds his face putting on an attractive natural leather leotard, changing placements periodically…

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Money Better Spent Feat Astrodomina 

There is only one individual deserving of your cash, which’s me. Everyone else is pointless. You’re back! Sydney requires to have a major talk with you. She’s been watching on your financial resources. Regrettably for you, the numbers don’t seem to build up. It’s time to correct the alignment of points out. Looks like your better half is investing your cash. Face it, cash spent by her is much less money for Sydney. And that’s not mosting likely to stand….

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Pantyhose Boner Feat Astrodomina 

I like to amaze my favorite belows with house visits. This moment I bring some extra devices so my sub can snag off with some fresh pantyhose. You’re pleasantly stunned to see Sydney at your door. What a shock. You understand she does spontaneous visits every so often. She looks fantastic as usual with her leather jacket and black boots. She even got some brand-new stockings on a recent purchasing spree. When she gets rid of the jacket, you are…

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FOUR IN A ROW – ASS EDITION feat AstroDomina 

If you’re a butt fan, there will certainly never ever be an extra drool generating video clip than this set. Featuring several of the leading butts around. Do not neglect to clean up later on! Just how usually do you obtain 4 remarkable Dommes with each other in one row, asses out, for you to praise their butts one by one? It’s impossible to hide your hard on as you make your method to the first ass, Sydney’s amazing Asian…

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Do not ever attempt to escape perving on me in secret, or it will cost you double! You hear a knock at your door as well as go to answer it. It’s your hot oriental next-door neighbor Sydney, and also she looks quite upset about something. She came over to face you about something she figured out. You see, she saw you recently, swiping her underwears from her washing line as well as they have actually been going missing for…

Female Domination, Spanking & Whipping

AstroDomina – Debts To Be Paid 

We locate ourselves deep in the nevada desert, far from any type of indicators of civilization besides a lone automobile driving down the dirt roadway. The car stops and out comes Goddesses Sydney, Raevyn Rose as well as Alexandra Snow. They have a special guest today we uncover as they stand out open the trunk to reveal some gaming addicted loser who had borrowed thousands from them, just to pathetically attempt to go away on them. Little did he understand…

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Tiny Sneaky Bastard Feat Astrodomina 

You can not anticipate to just be in the existence of a Giantess and escape simply staring at her. You are looking up at Giantess Sydney as she is working on her laptop. She’s using a tight suitable red gown as well as looking extremely attractive in her heels. You can not assist yet appreciate her beautiful legs from this reduced viewpoint. You ask yourself if she even recognizes you’re here, looking at her from below. Suddenly a phone call…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

AstroDomina – Stepping On Your Cock 

If I capture you misbehaving, you had better recognize there will certainly be effects! Sydney is really distressed at one of her servants today. She caught him jerking off to her footwear without consent! So currently she’s mosting likely to need to educate him a lesson. She has him already gagged, blindfolded and bound to a chair. Next she utilizes her rope to lock up his cock so she has it on a leash. She believes the corrective activity required…

Female Domination


My dumb partner is so trustful! So he recognized he was a secret cuck! Sydney is out at a private gym exercising with her individual trainer when she gets a telephone call from her partner. He simply wants to talk and also see just how she’s doing, he’s SO clingy sometimes! Bit does he understand she’s really fucking her fitness instructor! Also while she’s consoling him her PT is taking down his pants and also searching her, she does not…

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