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Ariel Anderssen – A Bad Romance (Epic Bondage Edit) 

You’re so bitter about our breakup! I’ve come over so that you can sign the final papers for our divorce, and you make me the weirdest offer ever. You want to make some videos to remember me by, and in return you’ll pay me an extra £50,000. That’s an attractive offer, despite the fact that OBVIOUSLY you want the videos to be bondage scenarios, since it’s what turns you on. I think that’s ridiculous, but be my guest! As long…


RestrainedElegance – Ariel Anderssen: Roman Foot Slaves Revolt 

Roman noblewoman Ariel is a callous and cruel mistress to the slaves in her villa. She just loves to tease and torment them, especially the slaves she makes moisturise and massage her feet. The slaves have had enough! They rise up in revolt against her dictatorial rule! They tie her helpless hand and foot so they can take their revenge! Bound and gagged, they grope her and punish the soles of her feet with a heavy rod, administering a harsh…

BDSM, Spanking & Whipping

Epic Impact And More With Ariel Anderssen 

Ariel waits wearing a lovely cotton dress and white cotton panties. Her arms are behind her back and she is quiet and barefoot. I enter and promptly grab her by her hair and start manhandling her. Her moans are a little intense, but her nipples are sore from wearing nipple clamps over and over from previous sessions. I put her over my knee and and start with some hand spanking. More hand spanking ensues after changing positions where Ariel is…


Hucows – Ariel Anderssen on all fours 

Expert chains model Ariel Anderssen was very easy to entice into this circumstance! She believed it would be a chains shoot, once we had her on all fours, secured a steel framework, we switched on the effective goat milker to milk her awesome nipple areas. View this tall blonde chains queen wriggle at the relentless pace of the bleeding equipment!


Hucows – Ariel Anderssen – goat milker full power 

Ariel Anderssen is really making good development! Check out all the sessions she has done already! The issue is: her nipple areas are super sensitive. Is it an excellent concept to provide her a full power goat milker session today? Well, she needs to survive this training, so we assume it was needed. It is difficult to view. Ariel screams as the goat milker non-stop pumps her delicate nipple areas. She is cuffed to the bleeding bed so she can’t…


RestrainedElegance – Long Term Pony Girl Training (Part Three) 

Ariel’s training proceeds to the kitchen for feeding time. Still in her pony girl harness, head harness and bit gag, the trainer chains her to a chain with heavy steel chains. Once she is securely fastened he adds clamps to her already sensitive nipples, making every slight movement into a painful experience for the recalcitrant submissive. Once he has her proper immobilised, it is time for pony girl feeding. He lays out a bowl of oats and a bowl of…


Ariel Anderssen – Long Term Pony Girl Training (Part Two) 

Naked, collared, cuffed and chained to the ceiling, Ariel awakens back in the pony girl prison cell. She tests her bonds, but the cuffs are securely padlocked in place and there’s no way to even reach the attachment point of the chain in the ceiling. She has no idea where she is or how long she has been here. Is she underground? It’s so cold! Why is she here? Is it because she wouldn’t wear the pony girl harness? That…


Ariel Anderssen – Long Term Pony Girl Training (Part One) 

Ariel’s lover/Master/Owner has decided that he wants her trained as a Pony Girl. He dispatches her to the house of the Pony Trainer for a long weekend of intensive bondage, pony play and correction! She pulls up in her car and pauses to steel herself for a moment before entering. In the porch she finds her first instructions- a set of Pony Girl Slave Girl Rules pinned to the door. The trainer shows her no mercy. She must learn the…


Hucows – Ariel Anderssen on the treadmill 

Our tallest HuCow Ariel Anderssen is back for some more training! She doesn’t have very large udders or nipples, but we are determined to change that. With her endless legs, we thought it would be a good idea to put her on the treadmill today, all HuCows need exercise! We even made her wear heels, to add a little difficulty. We know HuCows shouldn’t wear any clothing or shoes, but walking on the treadmill in heels made Ariel focus on…

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