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Hucows – Angelica – new milking stand 

Wow, we have some outstanding followers! A HuCow lover sent us this custom made milking stand, which is incredible! Thank you a lot! We promptly got our resident German HuCow Angelica to test it. The structure has a shaped item so the HuCow body can be entirely horizontal, while she still stands depend on the flooring. A tight midsection strap is all that is required to maintain the HuCow from going anywhere. Hands are restrained behind the rear of course….


HuCows – Angelica – Training With Stimulation 

All HuCows need regular exercise. It is very tempting to just chain them up in the barn and milk them every day, but that’s not very healthy. They need training and a lot of it! Being a farmer is actually a lot of work. Our German HuCow Angelica gets the most milking sessions of the entire herd, she works very hard. That’s because she is the main HuCow for our private sessions, where YOU can come to the farm and…


Hucows – Angelica – nipple enlargement 

You may not have seen German HuCow Angelica for over a year, but she is actually still a barn resident. She has only been used for private sessions, which many of you have enjoyed with her. Angelica is developing nicely, she accepts milking now without bondage! Remember when she screamed she did not want to be touched or milked? She has come a long way. Her nipples are not bad, a bit damaged from having been pierced in her pre-HuCow…

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