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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Draining the Mortal 

What’s this? A precious little mortal has made his way down into my crypt. He claims to have been searching for my mind for a long time. He says he wished to do experiments with me, but I can see from the way his eyes are wandering and his cock is hardening that it’s much more than that. It doesn’t take much to pull him under my power and within seconds this “man of science” will be my new plaything….

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GoddessAlexandraSnow – This is My Land 

They always say you shouldn’t go hiking alone. Your thirst for adventure in this beautiful land was insatiable though. There was nothing more you wanted to than to climb the lush green mountains and plunge your hands into the icy waters. So you left. You didn’t expect to find yourself in the presence of a woman with otherworldly beauty. Your mouth ran dry; your cock began to stiffen at the sight of her perfect breasts, her flawless skin, and her…

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Mistress T – Alien Examination Sperm Test 

  Top secret footage of tests run on an alien have been uncovered in Canada! It’s stated in the video that the purpose of this experiment is to extract a sperm sample for testing to determine if inter-species breeding is possible. Precautions have been taken with latex medical gloves and a vinyl splash-guard jacket. It is undetermined what happened to the alien after this video was taken but based on the examiners comments on the size of the alien’s phallus…

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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Dominatrix Mode 

You won’t want to miss this video! You Tuber RoboMaster has recorded an unboxing video for his brand new hyper realistic robot. He is excited to show all the new features and commands she has, all utilizing this handy little remote control. But something goes wrong when he’s cycling through her modes.. she becomes “stuck” on Dominatrix Mode! Her programming makes her ruthless and mean, disregarding any limits he may have and forcing him to obey. He’s bound, punished, and…

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Mistress T – Alien Extracts Semen Sample 

  Custom vid, no name mentioned. A sexy, feminine-looking alien extracts a semen sample from a humanoid specimen. She explains that her species plans to breed with humans to create a hybrid being that is intellectually superior to humans but can breath oxygen so they can inhabit the planet earth. In fact, it’s their intention to take over the planet as the humans have been so destructive. The aliens will keep some humans as slaves, servants & for breeding…yes, breeding….

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Mistress T – Alien Take Over Sperm Collection 

  We’re more intelligent beings & we’re taking over your beautiful planet. You stupid, greedy humans are doing such a horrible job with it you don’t deserve it. Pollution, war, cruelty…your air, water, plants & animals all being destroyed. This ends now. We will take care of your planets resources but we need some of your abilities to survive on your planet, to be able to breath the air, etc. So we are collecting your sperm to create a hybrid…

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