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CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

BratPrincess2 – We Are Going To Kick You All Day Long 

Alexis and also Meana have actually piggy slave restrained in the cellar. They plan to kick him all day long to make as numerous ballbusting video clips as possible. But initially, Alexis wants to take a selfie. She smiles into her phone cam while Meana laughs. Then, the girls kick the chained-up servant in the rounds as tough as they can. They kick him over and over with their black boots. The piggy slave remains in misery, but the ladies…

Female Domination, Scissorhold

BratPrincess2 – Alexis Humiliates Danni With Wrestling Holds 

Alexis is trying to find a battle as well as Danni feels like a simple target. He’s already nude and also in chastity! How difficult could he be to subdue? Cameron and Lola enjoy Alexis placed Danni in tight wrestling accepts her solid legs. Danni can get actually close to Alexis’ pussy while in the leg locks, yet his penis is still locked up! Once Danni is weary Alexis passes him to Cameron. The women all laugh while Cameron pushes…

Handjob & Milking

BratPrincess – Little Dannis First Monthly Milking – Alexis 

It’s time for slave danni’s first monthly milking! Alexis unlocks his little pink chastity cage. Danni is a virgin. He is not allowed to have sex. The only thing he gets is a milking once a month from his Keyholder. Alexis strokes danni with her hands and feet until he cums. She drains his beta male balls of all the build-up from his long period of denial. Then, she locks the virgin slave right back up into his chastity cage…


Pure CFNM – Hacker Test 

  Super rich bad girl Jasmine needs to break into a top secret computer system. Hacker Stanley is the only one who can do it fast enough but first she needs to check he is up to the job. While her female henchmen restrain him, gorgeous babe Alexis takes his trousers off and starts sucking his cock. While the girls take turns to wank and suck him, he has to try and hack into the computer system. The stunning babes…


Subby Hubby – Alexis and Dahlia’s Boot Licker POV 

  Goddesses Alexis Grace and Dahlia Rain have been tormenting their male pets all day long. This has caused the women to sweat and dirty their once very shiny and sexy boots. They have allowed you to come out of your cage and have given you the privilege of cleaning their boots for them, and be on your knees, staring up at their beauty while doing it. The catch? You will not be using rags, but your very own tongue….

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