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Alexandra – hogcuffed prisoner 

A prison hogcuff is terrible. You are already in a jail cell, but to be restricted on the bed, without any hope of escaping is even worse. Especially a hogcuff that’s attached to your leather prisoner transport belt. It really limits your movement, you can’t even roll around. Alexandra is wondering what she did wrong to deserve this high security treatment at our prison.


BeltBound – Alexandra – elbows to harness gag 

Cute Alexandra actually brought her OWN tiny body harness! So cool! But not enough of course. We added wrist cuffs, elbow cuffs, a collar, and a harness gag. That already made her out fit a lot better, but something was missing. Ah yes, some added bondage! Like frogtie straps, and strapping her harness gags to her elbow cuffs. Now she looks like a belt bound girl!


MetalBondage – Alexandra impaled 

Back to my favorite hobby: impaling models on the One Bar Prison! Especially new models, who don’t know what a One Bar Prison is. It is very simple: it’s a metal dildo on a pole. If a model is wearing high heels, she can’t go on her toes anymore, so she will be stuck. She can’t remove her heels either (please don’t try that at home). Basically, she will have to stand there until the pole is lowered again. I…

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