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Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

GoddessAlexandraSnow – Age Regression Entrancement – Alexandra Snow 

This is going to be an enjoyable exercise. Normally when I take you right into trance, I advise you to decrease. However today I’m mosting likely to instruct you to reverse. Particularly, you’re mosting likely to reverse in time. Back all the way to your young people. You’re going to fall back backwards to a time prior to you were an adult. I desire you to accept the ignorance as well as virtue of youth. You really did not understand…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

Goddess Alexandra Snow – Regressing You Down 

It’s rare I get to use my skills in mind bending for pure fun. Today that’s just what I’m going to do. I’m going to take you down to a much more vulnerable state than usual. We’re going to go back in time to a more innocent age. And you’ll trust me there. I will be the maternal figure you’ve always wanted in that place. I will walk you backwards down the road of your youth and replay all of…


SensualPain – Daddy I Cant Hold It Any Longer | Abigail Dupree 

Daddy has been in the bathroom for forever and I really gotta go! Number one and number two. I colored three whole pictures and everything but he’s still in there and he wont let me use the potty. The potty dance only works for so long. I ended up having an accident all over my Barbie blankie and in my little white panties.. oh no.. This is so bad what should I do? I’ll just hide it in my dresser….

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Goddess Harley – Fucky Wuckie Fuckover 

  How does it feel to know that you’ll never get to “Fuck” me but you do get to be the one I “Fuck Over”, LOL. Awe, you “wuv” it huh! You “wuv” it when I take you to the mall and make you be my pathetic paypig in front of all the sales girls! Awe, who’s my widdle servant, Who gives me his wallet” haha! You do, (boop on the nose).

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Goddess Alexandra Snow – Boyfriend Regression 

  We’ve been living together for a while and in the last few months, you’ve really.. deteriorated. You’ve been nothing but immature, expecting me to clean up after you and pay for everything while you sit at home and play video games. Well, I’m going to teach you a lesson. I’ve been implementing a trigger by brainwashing you while you sleep. When I say these words, you are going to regress back to the age you’re acting. You will be…

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