Free Face and Body Sitting Smothering porn videos

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination

Goddess Jasmine – First And Facesitting! 

You are out walking and you see a guy lying still on the ground. You are first aid trained and go over to see if he is ok. He is not moving so you decide to give him your version of CRP. This involves sitting on his chest in the squatting position n bouncing (to the beat of the Bee Gees `Staying Alive` I believe). This brings him out of what is really a deep sleep. He is at 1st…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination, Oral & Asslicking

Clubstiletto – Princess Mia’s Caged Ass Licker 

This scene opens with sexy Princess Mia standing by her cage, wearing only stockings and garter belt, where her slave has been locked up with his head sticking out of the opening at top and ready to service her orally. Her ass that is; she wouldn’t even consider allowing him to lick her pussy, only look at it and imagine. “Just think there’s guys that get to fuck this” she says as she rubs her hand over her perfect pussy…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination

AmericanMeanGirls: Mean Girl Slumber Party 

Nika Venom is spending her FIRST NIGHT EVER at the Mean Girl Manor, so of course we had to plan something fun. Princess Lexi and I wanted to take the opportunity for us girls to catch up and unwind from our busy lives. Nika brought her slave with her so we put him on pedicure duty while us girls gossiped about our boyfriends! It’s SOOOOO nice to be a HOT GIRL! Literally bossing around losers to do WHATEVER we want…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination, Oral & Asslicking

Clubstiletto – Tongue Fuck My Ass – Mistress Mercy 

This scene opens with a close up of gorgeous Mistress Mercy playing with her pussy. The camera moves down to her feet and then back to give you a view of her entirely. She looks at you and says “I should get my feet worshiped.” She calls her slave over who worships her perfect feet and toes and she continues to touch herself. “I’m thinking of my boyfriend right now” she tells him, adding “If he was here he could…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination, Foot Worship

Clubstiletto – Goddess Ivy’s human Shoe Cleaner, Trample Slut and Spittoon 

Sexy 6′ tall Goddess Ivy has her slave locked in the trample floor. The scene opens with her stepping on her slaves hand. The camera moves upwards to reveal her thigh high boots, her leather bustier and then her beautiful face as she looks down and says “Look at me up here and you down there, nothing but dirt.” She asks the slave if he is ready to be used. “I’m going to walk all over you” she tells him…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination, Oral & Asslicking

Clubstiletto – An Ass Worth Suffering For – Princess Mia 

Gorgeous Princess Mia has her slave laying on the discipline bench. She slaps his balls and asks him if he is prepared to suffer for her again, “Like you did yesterday?” She comments how she brutally trampled him and the camera scans over to show the slaves marks and bruises. Mia turns her backside to the slave and asks, “Do you want my ass?” He naturally responds in the affirmative. Mia then walks to the other end of the bench…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination, Oral & Asslicking

Clubstiletto – Her human Bike Seat becomes Her Toilet 

Mistress Mercy Rage has a body that is literally unmatched. Lean, with perky breasts and a big booty she makes slaves putty in her hands before she has even started to dominate them. In this scene Mercy is allowing a slave to live out his life long fantasy of being a bike seat to a hot women, but she more sinister plans for him. After riding his face and working up a sweat, she removes her clothes, lays on the…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination, Oral & Asslicking

Clubstiletto – Thank You For Letting Me Lick Your Dirty Asshole 

Beautiful Miss Sadie is sitting on her slaves chest and says “Let’s see if we can beat your personal record today”. She then slaps his face, before sliding up to sit on it, in forward position. She tests the slaves ability to hold his breath. Poor bitch has poor cardio and can only last about 30 seconds each time so she tells him to take his mind off the need to breath by sticking his tongue deep up her asshole….

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination, Oral & Asslicking

Clubstiletto – Mistress Mercy and Her Slip-n-Slide slave 

Mistress Mercy ordered her slave to shave his head and face just before meeting him in the dungeon. She has plans for his head. She pulls out a container of baby-oil and pours it all over his face and head. “We’re going to play slip-n-slide today” she tells him. She tells him it’s a special reward for being a good boy. Once the slaves head is glistening, Mercy pulls the slaves head by the ears to the edge of the…

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