Suzanna Maxwell

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Female Domination

TheEnglishMansion – Dom Wife Sissy Husband – Suzanna Maxwell 

Suzanna is a strict Dom wife, her husband has been transformed into a cute femme bitch in their FLR relationship, doing all the chores and keeping her wife happy. However, today Suzanna has been checking the CCTV images, pleased with most of the footage apart from a period when Fifi was caught lounging on the sofa, rubbing her unlocked cock and looking at dirty magazines. She decides a summary punishment is due, so brings out the cane and gives her…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination

TheEnglishMansion – Sack Cock Tease – Suzanna Maxwell 

Miss Suzanna Maxwell, looking sensational in her purple lace underwear, is being a harsh tease to her fortunate chains below. He remains in the nylon bondage sack, roped down securely to the bed, his dick exposed for her entertainment as she dabble him, continuously bordering him with her hand as well as erotic talking, poking fun at how simple he is to manipulate. She remains on his face as well as uses numerous cock toys and also vibes to make…

Female Domination, Strap-on

MissSuzannaMaxwell – Pegged And Pissed On 

My unclean little cocksucker is chained to the bed ready to be ploughed by My big, fat, purple dick. I mean business today as I have a thirst that requires pleasing. I’m dressed in tight black, shiny PVC with the thigh high boots to match. I get handfuls of his hair as well as push his slutty mouth onto My cock. It slides down also easily so I deal with fuck him till he is a dripping mess. I come…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

Miss Suzanna Maxwell: Blue Balls Busted 

Ballbusting training is intensely uncomfortable at the most effective of times, a lot more so when in chastity. Being locked up and refuted for months is punishment sufficient with including sphere devastation to the mix. his rounds are currently full, hefty as well as unpleasant, one capture will send out electrical shocks gushing via them. I am threatening done in black, leather lad boots and natural leather gloves to satiate My state of mind. flash crawls to Me as I…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

TheEnglishMansion – CBTease – Miss Suzanna Maxwell 

Miss Suzanna Maxwell has actually connected her servant to the dungeon chains bench, dick and spheres revealed for her severe treatment. She makes use of the round crusher to press his nuts, making him expand harder, the tighter she torques it, her nails scraping over his delicate flesh. She proceeds the torture with the Erostek electro box, sending sharp shocks down his shaft, regulating him totally. Mistress sits on him and also uses the Doxy vibrating wand to edge him…

Female Domination, Trampling

TramplingforFun – Trampling in Stockings by miss Suzanna Maxwell 

Miss Suzanna Maxwell. I am sure you recognize her very well. Looking so hot as constantly the vicious and lovely Girlfriend will be doing some trampling in stockings as well as the skinny slave is perfect for that celebration. Simply a little note that the slave has actually been trample on previously and he is still extremely knackered as well as hurting but Miss Suzanna doesn’t truly respect that and she did some leaping as well. There are some slow…

Female Domination, Slapping, Spitting

Miss Suzanna Maxwell: Slapped And Spat On 

Out at My retreat in Spain I have My home servant to play with. I like torturing him in the sunlight, so I have welcomed him onto the porch to amuse Me. I slap his face and also clean the little laugh onto the floor where it belongs, I want him worried, uncertain of whats coming next or when I may strike once more. I saturate his face in My spit as well as watch it dribble down his chin….

Female Domination, Smoking

Iss Suzanna Maxwell: Suffocated By My Smoke 

Flash is My rubber gimp today as well as I will certainly utilize him as different things, he is strapped right into My bondage swing and whilst I appreciate a cigarette he will certainly be My ashtray and also spittoon. I am in a full latex catsuit as well as feeling specifically vicious. flash is completely limited, immobilised, all he can do is blink. So when I blow My scrumptious smoke in his face he is wrapped up as well…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

Miss Suzanna Maxwell: Breaking My Balls 

My kid is back for some even more brutal ballbusting training. Having the ability to take such severe misuse takes method as well as determination, however this is My much-loved way to play. I illuminate with sadistic delight when I feel My rounds being damaged under My feet. squish is busted on his knees consistently until he breaks down unable to take anymore i drag him off the floor and also pin him upright. My knee pushing right into his…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

Wrath – Miss Suzanna Maxwell 

Flash has misbehaved, not such a regular occurrence for him. But, when he does it ignites a fire within Me that must burn until satisfied. I never punish when I am emotional, I wait until I am calm and calculated to exact such a punishment that My wrath will be long lasting. he has taken it into his owns hands to touch himself of his own volition, not at My designated times or following My rules. For this his balls…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination, Foot Worship

Stress Balls – Miss Suzanna Maxwell, Mistress Mera 

Another amazing scene with the remarkable Miss Suzanna Maxwell, but this time she’s brought a friend along; Mistress Mera. Suzanna & Mera are discussing ways to relieve their stress and Miss Suzanna knows the perfect candidate; Squishy! Miss Suzanna sends in her slave and explains that his testicles will he used to relieve their tension Mistress Mera has never crushed Squishy before so Miss Suzanna does a step by step showing Mera her favourite methods of anialating his balls With…

Female Domination, Handjob & Milking, Pegging, Strap-on

Miss Suzanna Maxwell: “Mounted And Milked” 

Starting the new year as I mean to ……… My slave is strapped to the spanking bench with his holes exposed, I wet My cock with his mouth. There is nothing soft or sensuous about this fucking, it is cold and purposeful with one intention. To fill flash fully……….. the only thing he will think of, taste or feel is My cock. I am wearing My favourite PVC bodice with matching thigh PVC boots and black harness that holds MY…

Female Domination, Foot Jobs, Foot Worship

Miss Suzanna Maxwell: “A Feast From My Feet” 

Flash’s monthly milking is here however today I do not want to touch him with My hands. Instead he is made to worship and massage My precious toes in readiness for his destruction. he is laid on the floor where I can tower above him, he can conveniently peek up My dress when I allow it and subsequently torment his swollen appendage with My toes. I will milk him, dominate him, tease and destroy his orgasm with My feet. I…

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