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Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

Million Dollar Contract : Financial Domination – Mandy Flores 

src=”” /> Its been 5 years I’ve had my English slave in an agreement. Every 6 months he takes the long travel to pamper, ruin and offer me. Because every 6 months he signs his agreement face to face and documented on camera.In April its constantly in Vegas. He needs to strive as well as think of different means to make each journey better than the last. Penthouse at the Bellagio behaves surprise. I call him in, its time to…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

Mandy Flores – Eyes up here: tease and denial 

POV video of you stripping off some kind of a sexy blouse down to a veryrevealing bra, and then topless — but you torture me by ordering me tomaintain eye contact with you at all times, and not allowing me to look downat your boobs. Kind of an ultimate tease and denial idea. You rub yourboobs, caress them, dip a finger in between them, play with your hair, lickyour lips, etc. But you don’t allow me to look down at…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Oral & Asslicking, Shoe & Boots

MandyFlores – Boot Bitch II : FEMALE DOMINATION 

Time for some advanced slave training humiliation. you have made a suitable footstool, but I grow tired of such mundane slave activities. It’s time to have you crawl on your hands and knees, blindfolded on a leash, to teach you true obedience even when you are in pain. Of course you will be thirsty from your pathetic efforts to please Me, so I quench your thirst with one of the few liquids I allow you to have….. My spit. First…

Smoking, Spitting

MandyFlores – Extreme Smoking And More W/ray 

Slave ray has been residing in my dungeon bathroom for 2 long nights. I thought it was time to feed him a special treat!! Of course with him being a non smoker it was important I let him sacrifice for me by allowing him to inhale my 2nd hand smoke…. and then flick my ashes on his tongue, and put the cherry on his tongue, and then find a nice safe place to put my cigarette out before I feed…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Mandy Flores – Allison and Mandys CBT pain bitch : CBT Instruction 

  Items to gather for todays CBT menu of fun. Yarn, rubber bands, rubber spatula, qtip, bengay, and alligator clamps. Sound like fun? Allison and I want you to hurt for us. Really really hurt. Your pain gives us pleasure. Your cock and balls will belong to us and we wont disappoint with the pain well make you endure. We have all the same items and a cock that will represent your cock. You have to follow along and cant…

Female Domination

Mandy Flores – Boyfriend Blows it 

  I finally gave up my pussy last night and you completely blew it, blowing your load before you could even insert it. Leaving in shame and then you show up unannounced for another try but while you were gone I called my ex last night and he could care of me bette than before and now Im going to reallyt embarrass you for your complete fuck up…….“Wow, you have a lot of nerve showing up here after that complete…

CBT & Ballbusting

Mandy Flores – Servant X-Bucket Ball Torture 

  What a glorious mix of pleasure and pain Mistress Mandy Flores is giving the worthless servant x today. Strapping his balls up with the excruciating bucket parachute harness, she relishes as each addition to the bucket stretches his already bruised ball sack even further into despair! All the while mixing in sensual sexuality that no servant really deserves….along with random smacks and kicks…starting it off with a special pre-cum inducing surprise!

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Mandy Flores – Jerk off challenge 

  The idea would be a masturbation challenge between yourself and me, you fingering your pussy and me stroking my cock, the first one of us to cum loses, with whatever punishment that you choose. You can only use your hands to masturbate. The outfit I would prefer you to wear would be a short tight black dress (powerful amazon seduction: legs) , black knee high boots (humiliating my blackmail slave) and eye glasses (big brother jerk off taboo boot…

Handjob & Milking

Mandy Flores – I Own You, StepDaddy 

  Scene starts with dad coming into step daughter’s room to find she is dressed in mummy’s short skirt and high heels. He is so shocked and goes to leave, but she convinces him to stay. (I love the idea that stepdad genuinely starts out good and well behaved, but ends up giving in to seduction). She talks about what she has learned in sex education and that she can’t believe step daddy would want such an old bucket pussy…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Mandy Flores – Wet Stuffed Panties For my Servant 

  This was originally a custom request. Im going to encourage you to jack off while I play with myself but it comes with a cost. You will have to endure some humiliation but these days more and more guys are getting into being told what to do. Especially when it’s a hot, young girl next door doing things they could only dream of experiencing. Its hot being degraded, admit you want to feel what its like to be my…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Mandy Flores – Cum If You Can 

  As part of his slavery, you keep him naked and in a chastity cage 24/7 and never allow him to fuck you and rarely see you nude. You restrict his stroking/orgasms to rare “stroke days”, during which time you release him from chastity and play masturbation games with him. Depending on the “game”, the ability to have full, ruined, or denied orgasm depends on your mood/chance/how closely the viewer follows directions etc. At the start of this JOI video,…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Mandy Flores – #303 Mandy’s bitch: homewrecker 

  So I want to be your little bitch mandy flores. Your my wife’s friend and you find me jerking off to your panties. You decide that instead of telling my wife your going to make me worship your goddess body… And everything that comes out of it. First you make me kiss your feet/ suck your toes. Then you tell me that it’s time for dinner and you tell me if I don’t do it you’ll tell my wife….

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Mandy Flores – #316 Goddess Body worship 

  I have an idea for a custom video I’ve been thinking about. Basically you tell me to smell every part of your body while jerking off. So you go over your body parts one by one instructing me to jerk slowly while sniffing on your body. so this includes your feet, between your toes, armpits, lips, your breath etc. You do this in a sensual way while talking about how beautiful and nice you smell. Also I’d appreciate it…

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