Kylie Rogue

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Clubdom – Venus and Kylie Rogue’s Whore 

  Another gem from the never released vaults! Kylie Rogue is here to plow her slut until she is satisfied. He is going to open up his holes for her if he knows what is good for him. Kylie seductively fucks him hard and deep. She just can’t help herself, she needs to get her cock in his slut holes in order to ensure he is fucked thoroughly, which will make him more submissive for her. Along with Mistress Venus,…

Female Domination

Clubdom – Repair Men at ClubDom (Bg make your Mistress Cum) Pt 2‏ 

  Goddess Jean Bardot and Mistress Kylie Rogue just finished draining loud mouth Lew of his pathetic man filth. Now they turn their attention to repair boy Alex. Jean pulls his bitch ass out of the cage and asked him if he thinks he can fuck his way out of this one. His buddy, loud mouth Lew has put him in this predicament and Jeans giving him a chance to get out of it. He has exactly 3 minutes to…

CBT & Ballbusting

Jean Bardot, Kylie Rogue – Repair Men at ClubDom (HJ Ball Busting) 

  Alex and Lew are off to complete some handyman work at ClubDom Estate. Goddess Jean Bardot answers the door and takes them out to the barn to explain what work needs to be done. She proceeds to tell them that the estate has very strict rules. Shows them a door with a sign that says “Do Not Enter” and then informs them that they are not to enter this door under any circumstances. If they do they may suffer…


Clubdom – Dava Foxx, Kylie Rogue – Russian Revenge – Mini Movie | Release Date: Aug 28, 2017 

  Dava is a sweet girl who met Cameron at a local night club. She thought he was really sweet and really liked him. He told her that she was different and that he had feelings for her. After a little bit of kissing one thing led to another. To Dava, the sex was not that great but she really likes this guy. He promises to call her the next day, however, after weeks he never returns her texts or…

Dildo Play, Strap-on

Clubdom – Jean Bardot, Kylie Rogue – Handymen Get Handled‏ At ClubDom | Release Date: Aug 17, 2017 

  Mistresses Jean Bardot and Kylie Rouge have hired Lew and Alex, two repairmen to do some odd jobs around the property today. Imagine the shock to the two Doms when one of the repairmen turns out to be a canceling male chauvinist pig. Despite the protests of his partner Alex, Lew can’t shut his mouth and stop letting his male arrogance get him deeper and deeper in trouble. Even worse, after being given direct orders from Miss Bardot not…


Clubdom – Double Anal Stretch At ClubDom | Release Date: Jul 3, 2017 

  Two bitches sit in their cage awaiting a proper ass fucking its a 2-way anal stretch at ClubDom. Goddess Kylie Rogue and Mistress Dava Foxx pull these slutty ass slaves out and have them lube up their huge black cocks and then bend them over the fuck horse and proceed to fuck their little assholes long and hard filling them up with Hard Dom cock making them beg for every inch and getting off on the power they hold…

Spanking & Whipping

Dava Foxx, Kylie Rogue – Breaking Cane 700 Strokes – Clubdom | Release Date: Jun 6, 2017 

  Goddess Kylie Rogue and Mistress Dava drag the strait jacket slave bitch into the Dungeon. They decide it’s time to cane this slave’s ass hard until it looks like raw hamburger meat. Goddess Kylie breaks her cane on his ass and tells the bitch he’s getting 700 strokes and after that she will shove the broken cane up his slutty asshole. The ladies are ruthless and sadistic showing him no mercy. They take turns brutally caning his ass as…

Female Domination

Subby Hubby – Kylie Rogue says jerk your dick 

  Goddess Kylie Rogue sucks on her red lollypop and teases you about it being your swollen little cock head in her mouth, She talks dirty to you and drives you crazy letting you jerk that pathetic little slut stick, bringing you right to the edge over and over, She knows those tiny balls are about to explode, But she loves making you wait, She makes a deal with you, Telling you that id you shove three fingers up your…

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