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Pegging, Strap-on

SubbyHubby – Dava and Brianna Bring Home Slaves Part 5: Strap On Slaves 

Brianna and Dava have their cuckold slave kneeling on the floor. They are standing next to him both wearing strap on cocks. I guess cuckold slave is going to get to go to pound town after all! Out of nowhere the pathetic neighborhood pervert shows up. He kneels before the Goddesses holding a bottle of wine that he obviously has been drinking himself. The ladies told this loser to bring them champagne and flowers hours ago. Not only is the…


SubbyHubby – Dava and Brianna Bring Home Slaves Part 4: Cuckold Slave 

Goddess Brianna is holding her slave by the collar with one hand and stroking his big hard cock with the other. Goddess Dava isn’t so lucky, her slave not only has a tiny cock but he can’t even get hard. What a loser! He can’t please a woman with his mouth or his dick. Since he is so pathetic, they tell him that he is their new cuckold slave. He won’t be using that little cock anymore. But he does…

Foot Worship

SubbyHubby – Dava and Brianna Bring Home Slaves Part 1 

Dava and Brianna are relaxing at home when they notice the neighborhood pervert peeking through the window. This is not your average, run of the mill, creep either. This idiot is wearing a little pink crop top and is playing with his fully exposed little dick. The two ladies have seen this pathetic creep before, it’s their neighbor. They decide to put on a show for the loser, Dava lowers her dress revealing her huge tanned tits. Brianna begins to…


Subby Hubby – Dava Foxx – Goddess Dava and Your Tongue 

  You Know what time it is, take Dava Foxx’s shoes off and put that tongue to work! Goddess Dava wants to be able to see her reflection when you’re done! While you’re busy licking between her toes, She will be deciding what to dress you in to watch her use her fucktoy later. Make sure to stretch that tongue out even more because she is going to give you both her feet to lick at the same time since…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Subby Hubby – Dava Foxx – Stroke Like She Says 

  Goddess Dava FoXX has you all locked up in chastity and knows you can’t feel a thing except the pinching of your poor little hard dick pressing against the plastic cock cage, as she rubs her wet pussy and plays with her tits she wants you to do your best to rub that tiny pathetic locked up dicklet until you spill your filth right through the cage, she knows how hot she is and that you almost make a…


Clubdom – Dava Foxx, Kylie Rogue – Russian Revenge – Mini Movie | Release Date: Aug 28, 2017 

  Dava is a sweet girl who met Cameron at a local night club. She thought he was really sweet and really liked him. He told her that she was different and that he had feelings for her. After a little bit of kissing one thing led to another. To Dava, the sex was not that great but she really likes this guy. He promises to call her the next day, however, after weeks he never returns her texts or…

Handjob & Milking, Oral & Asslicking

Clubdom – Alexis Fawx, Dava Foxx – Roadside Assistance | Release Date: Aug 24, 2017 

  Goddess Alexis Fawx and Dava Foxx use the old broken down car trick to catch a fuck boy, They pull off to the side of the road and flag down some dude in a truck, He thinks he is God’s gift to woman as he takes his shirt off and takes a look at their car, He tells them he can give them a ride and that their motor is shot, Goddess Dava pricks him with her love needle…

Foot Jobs, Foot Worship, Strap-on

Subby Hubby – Dava Foxx – Released by Her Hot Feet | Release Date: Aug 20, 2017 

  Mistress Dava Foxx dangles her slave’s chastity key in front of him as he worships her feet in an attempt to earn release from his chastity. Of course, the slave keeps screwing up, causing Dava to laugh that he must enjoy being locked up. For fun, Dava orders her slave to call her Master as she belittles him. Dava orders him to hurry up and get her feet clean, as she has a hot date soon. Real men get…


Clubdom – Double Anal Stretch At ClubDom | Release Date: Jul 3, 2017 

  Two bitches sit in their cage awaiting a proper ass fucking its a 2-way anal stretch at ClubDom. Goddess Kylie Rogue and Mistress Dava Foxx pull these slutty ass slaves out and have them lube up their huge black cocks and then bend them over the fuck horse and proceed to fuck their little assholes long and hard filling them up with Hard Dom cock making them beg for every inch and getting off on the power they hold…

Spanking & Whipping

Dava Foxx, Kylie Rogue – Breaking Cane 700 Strokes – Clubdom | Release Date: Jun 6, 2017 

  Goddess Kylie Rogue and Mistress Dava drag the strait jacket slave bitch into the Dungeon. They decide it’s time to cane this slave’s ass hard until it looks like raw hamburger meat. Goddess Kylie breaks her cane on his ass and tells the bitch he’s getting 700 strokes and after that she will shove the broken cane up his slutty asshole. The ladies are ruthless and sadistic showing him no mercy. They take turns brutally caning his ass as…

Face Dildo, Oral & Asslicking

Clubdom – Dava Foxx, Kylie Rogue – Denied Loser 

  Bratty Doms Kylie Rogue and Dava Foxx notice that Eugene was jerking off his pathetic dick in the garage, so they decide to sneak up on him. As Mistress Kylie and Dava are standing behind him they decide to have a little fun with this nerdy loser. They force him in the cage and with this loser locked up, Mistress Kylie and Dava decide to tease him and make him smell their tight pink pussies and beautiful asses. Then…

Oral & Asslicking, Strap-on

Subby Hubby – Dava’s Cuckold Sissy Slut 

  Goddess Dava Foxx has a new sissy slut who serves her. Today, slut boy Toby is cleaning the bedroom while cross-dressing and wearing high heel shoes. Goddess Dava comes in and sees he has forgotten one thing. She applies bright pink lipstick to his mouth and then instructs him to get down on his knees and worship her perfectly manicured feet. He licks and sucks on Goddess’s toes. Goddess Dava gets rough with him by shoving her foot in…


Subby Hubby – The Adventures of Hand Job Boy & The Jerk Off 

  Goddess Dava Foxx and Mistress Molly catch their handymen talking instead of doing the work they were hired to do. Worker Alex was commenting how hot the girls were in their blue jeans and tight little pink tops and about how you just got to grab them and give it to them, that’s what women want. As the ladies over hear this they walk into the garage smacking both boys in the face and put them down on their…


Subby Hubby – Dava’s Cuck Husband: Their Fluffer 

  Dava is having intense sex with her big-cocked stud as her cuckold husband watches. Her cuckold husband is ordered to lick her ass, lick her breasts and help her cum. She also wants him to be a full-fledged fluffer and suck the cock of her stud and lick HIS ass and balls to make sure he cums an extra big load for his wife and pleases her. He has no choice but to do as she says and lick…

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