Cupcake SinClair

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ShinyBound – Cupcake Sinclair – Hangin Around 

Sexy Cupcake Sinclair hangs by her knees from the rack and is hogtied in position. A crotchrope is tightly connected around her waistline and also affixed to the far side to discourage any type of swinging or hefty battling. She hangs there ballgagged and powerless, looking for a way out of this perilous inverted situation!


BrutalMaster – Cupcake SinClair | 26 February 2020 

When we say “Target Practice” we really mean Cupcake Sinclair IS the target. And what a lovely target she is. It begins with our little target in the back of a truck, tied up, very much like an object. Once we arrive at a secluded woodlands, she is summarily yanked from the vehicle and marched to a tree where the real fun begins. Bullseyes are painted on each of her cute little tits with the nipples right in the middle….


BrutalMaster – Cupcake SinClair | 20 October 2019 

Just in time for Halloween! Just look at her face, Cupcake SinClair is terrified. Straight Jacketed and tortured in HELL! it is like being in some old insane asylum where you have no control and you know a mad doctor is going to start working you over. Except this is no old movie, this is real. This is no old insane asylum, it is a NEW asylum and it is called HELL! and that is no fictional mad scientist, that…


BrutalMaster – Cupcake SinClair | 20 December 2019 

This is a tour-de-force of punishment, humiliation, degradation, anal abuse, bleeding, barbed-wire torture, and more. Cupcake SinClair is a dog, and in this episode of her abject abuse, she is reminded what that means. She even fucks a dog-cock shaped dildo just to show what a low bitch she is. In the end, the bitch is whimpering and crying because, once again, she is reduced to her lowest self in HELL! But long before that, the cunt is led into…


BrutalMaster – Cupcake SinClair | 26 April 2019 

Sometimes in HELL! we just have to persuade a bitch to keep her fucking mouth shut. Often we want their mouths open, for example when we need a urinal, or there is something that a tongue needs to clean, you get the idea. But other times you just have to make it clear, it is time to shut your fucking mouth. Then there is Cupcake SinClair. Generally her mouth is pretty useful, for all sorts of things with her pouty…


BrutalMaster – Cupcake SinClair | 27 June 2019 

Cupcake SinClair, back in the barn, trussed up and then the punishment begins. She admits she has been bullwhipped before, but never like this. Lash after cruel lash, the slut is beaten like never before. During all this torment, she screams and cries and admits this is exactly what she deserves. You know the bullwhip we are using on her, we call it the Yellow Scorpion because the sting from its vicious lash is something a bitch will never forget….


BrutalMaster – Cupcake SinClair | 5 September 2019 

Cupcake SinClair at the The Ranch with Rachel Greyhound and things are about to change for Cupcake. She is about to lose her hair but this being The Ranch, That is not all. Cupcake has been in the standup cage for some time, when the little slut is taken out, she’s on her knees and our come the clippers and pretty soon, her hair is gone. You have to understand that this piece of meat finds even the thought…


BrutalMaster – Cupcake SinClair | 27 May 2019 

When we say “experiment” we mean, Cupcake SinClair is the experiment. In this case, the whore’s soft udder meat is tightly bound with rawhide laces, then pierced with needles and then electrified alligator clamps are attached and the power is turned up, and up, and up. She is screaming and crying and eventually bleeding. All this to see what happens when the torture just continues. Eventually the clamps come off, and the needles come out and the blood is dripping….


BrutalMaster – Cupcake SinClair | 18 November 2019 

This is an ancient torture, but with a much more sadistic, modern twist. Cupcake SinClair is learning all about what strappado means in HELL! You can see by the look on her face as she screams in agony, drooling and crying that she is really suffering — just like a piece of meat whore should. The bitch’s arms are cruelly bound behind and above her and that is just the beginning of her suffering. She stands in toe-shoes to punish…

Spanking & Whipping

KinkyMistresses – The Spanked Slave Girl – Cupcake Sinclair 

Cupcake Sinclair has been warned time and time again about her short skirts. She continues to wear them to entice the boys and Andrea Untamed is going to take advantage of her short little skirt wearing ass. Since her skirt barely covers her bottom Ms Andrea decides to spank what is showing. Demanding she get on the spanking horse, ass out and ready for her punishment.


Hardtied – Dec 9, 2015: Chocolate Eclair | Cupcake SinClair | Jack Hammer 

  Most bad students get bad grades. Some get detention. Cupcake SinClair is so much worse than most students, though. She doesn’t just get bad grades or talk back. Headmaster Jack Hammer is constantly hearing stories of her sucking and fucking all over the campus. It’s not the kind of behavior he is going to accept in his facilities. She will need to be reconditioned. A good education involves both rewards and punishments. If she is good Cupcake will get…

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