Cora Moth

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RealTimeBondage – The Fool 3 | Cora Moth 

After some tickle agony it is time to get a match. The name of this video game is”incorporate a rope”. OT adds a rope afterward Alice adds you. Back and on it moves until co-RA is thoroughly and well attached. Cora has an excellent disperse once we’ve seen. It is the right time to use it into use. She is Around the tremor. The ability is switched on and Cora begins to become teased. The ability has been switched until…


RealTimeBondage – The Fool 2 | Cora Moth 

Cora’s head is washed as she moves at the box tie connected to the ring . Her wrists are all connected to the peak of the carton and her legs are dragged across to the sides. She is perfectly bent within a extremely vulnerable position. Alice warms up her with a fantastic spanking and after that flames are employed to really find her moving. Apparently there is demand for a motivation. Lighting a fire under her bum was what she…


RealTimeBondage – The Fool 1 | Cora Moth 

Cora gets spread and hogtied. Cora Moth shows off her amazing abilities and her custom designed outfit. What a clown! She starts off stretching for us. She knows she’s going to be stretched out to show her flexibility so she gets herself nice and limber. Then she starts to juggle or rather starts to fail at juggling. She’s awful at it so we thrown the balls at her. Her outfit is cut off and she’s put into a zip tie…


Hardtied – Jan 15, 2020: The Wrecking Ball | Cora Moth 

She came in a ball tie. Cora Moth has some interesting talents. Before the camera started she began pulling herself up off her feet. Big mistake. This became the inspiration. Tie her neck just high enough that she can’t touch the floor. Now she has to hold herself there. When you can spread your legs as wide as Cora can you have to expect that we are going to tie them wide apart any chance we get. This time she’s…


InfernalRestraints – Dec 27, 2019: Hitcher | Cora Moth 

Cora gets into the wrong van and pays the ultimate price! I don’t take shit from anyone! So when this guy suggested I help him clean his house in exchange for a train ticket I should have known better. He seemed nice. He even liked some of the same bands I do. It turned out he’s just a creep like the rest of them. It wasn’t just washing the floor he wanted more for, he put me in bondage first….

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