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Female Domination

Pantyhose Therapy – Christina QCCP – Lost, Lost, Lost. 

  so. much. pantyhose. encasement. friction. satin gloves and bodystockings. moaning and begging. humping and thrusting. the , rubby sound of hosiery on hosiery, so palpable and visceral that my pantyhose boys might just have a new favorite video. i lose myself in my own pantyhose obsession that I almost forget this is a client, and not a lover… my favorite pantyhose session in a very long time.

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

Pantyhose Therapy – Christina QCCP – COCK CRIME: Lockdown 

  I recently read an article about Ukrainian prisons using genital bondage to punish inmates. Prisoners who misbehave have their testicles and penis shackled or chained, sometimes metal chastity devices. It’s deliberately obvious, so as to humilate the inmate–it’s loud, heavy, and obvious you’ve been caught masturbating.   The fascinating part is, more than half of the inmates subjected to this humiliating punishment become aroused when their genitals are locked up. I tried something similar on a recent prisoner of…

Female Domination

Pantyhose Therapy – Christina QCCP – 5 MAGIC MINUTES 

  Good chastity boy’s reward — halfway through his contract! — is five minutes to do whatever he wants with me. Only thing that stands between his manhood and my body is… cold-merciless-metal. Shoulda waited for parole for that dick, cause a dick in prison can’t do much for a girl like me…

Handjob & Milking

Pantyhose Therapy – Christina QCCP – A REAL GENUINE CLIMAX 

  It’s been a long time since I’ve had a session so intimate, so maternal, it borders on the romantic. Despite the nonstop teasing, as I bring my client to the edge over and over, there is nothing mean here, nothing ruined, just sensual femdom that builds to one of those magical moments one often doesn’t see on video. More than 20 minutes of footage, with one of the most beautiful finishes you’ll find on this site. … I hope…

Handjob & Milking

Christina QCCP – Came Outta Nowehere 

  He didn’t expect the vulnerable position, or the total sensory deprivation. for a newbie like him, every touch, every whiff of perfume, every empty minute spent waiting is excrutiatingly kinky. he’s so, so lost, and everything i do sends him spiraling deeper down the rabbit hole. a very magical scene. you can feel the chemistry and that special, connected desperation that makes certain moments unforgettable. and then… i push him even further, leaving him a grateful, weak puddle of…

Handjob & Milking

Christina QCCP – That Dirty Talk 

  I’m real good at blowjobs — heartbreakingly, restraining-order-needed good — so i’m not going to go down on just anyone. That’s why so many of my recent clips feature me talking about giving blowjobs… teasing with my tongue… and getting super turned on. I’m testing clients. Here’s me getting soooo hot and soooo close with a recent Tinder-date-turned-prisoner. My dirty talk is so graphic that he’s oozing and whining even before i touch him.

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