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CfnmTV – The Country Doctor Part 2 

Latitia thought all hope was lost until this big strong hulking man walked into her office. She melts and feels passions within her which she thought long-since buried spring to the surface. It’s funny how one moment you can think all hope is lost and then quite suddenly you are presented with a creature so handsome and charming that you are thankful and hungry to taste what life is all about again. She thinks that perhaps it all has been…


CfnmTV – No Safe Word Part 6 

Matteo owes Belinda big time – and she wants her pound of flesh. Since he’s failed as a businessman running his modelling agency, his only use to her is as a participant in her explicit videos. Unfortunately for him that means a lot of pain and humiliation. But until the debt is paid he belongs to the domineering Belinda and her two female stars.


Messy little Devilynne trained on fuckboard by BBC as she melts into a drooling cumslut! 

The live BaRS show of Devilynne continues at a punishing pace. This messy little thing has already melted down into a cummed out puddle of drool and we are only just getting started. Time for the training board. We lay Devilynne face down ass up, restrain her in place and get to work. Big hard cock is introduced to both ends of this compact 5 foot tall spinner as we attempt to shake hands in the middle. The makeup runs…


Kink – Jazlyn Ray Dominated in Brutal Bondage 

Jazlyn Jay is as fresh of a face as you’re going to get. She showed up ready to go, so The Pope doesn’t waste any time getting her tied up. The first scene begins with Jaz on her back in a spread eagle position on the bondage bed. After some initial inspection of her body, he gets to work tormenting her with various implements. She squirms as the leather from his flogger and cat-o-nine tails reddens her flesh. She is…


MetalBondage – Sylvie nipple clamped 

The super gorgeous fashion model Sylvie is back! She is so delicate and tiny, a tight chastity belt looks big on her! But she definitely needs a chastity belt, she is so naughty! She also needs nipple clamps. But Sylvie would take them off after a few minutes, because they hurt her poor nipples too much. So we need to get her hands away from her boobs. The usual RigidStock was locked onto her neck and wrists (a bit heavy…


Lady Blackdiamond – Mistress Slave Girl (2022) 

Die Göre kam in mein Studio und meinte sie wäre neugierig und würde gerne mal eine Fick Maschine ausprobieren, aber lesbisch wäre sie natürlich nicht! Als ich mit ihr fertig war, lag sie winselnd und vor Orgasmen stöhnend vor mir auf dem Boden und jammerte das sie von nun an nur noch meine lebende Toilette sein wird und nie wieder einen Mann auch nur anschauen wollte. Brave Sklavin!


BondageLife – Sanding The Cross Rachel Greyhound 

In this manual labor stream, your favorite creature heads outside to sand down the wood for her bondage cross! Things begin with Greyhound beautifully presented down on her rubber mat in the grass showing off her beautiful naked body, she soon springs into action as she grabs the first piece of wood for the cross and begins sanding it, she sands all four sides nice and smooth then turns her attention to the larger piece of wood. She sands it…


HuCows – Manuela – high speed red cow milker 

Another of our resident HuCows is Manuela. She is a HuCILF, but still promising even if she is not as young as most of the herd. The farmer has trained her well, and he is usually very harsh on her fat natural udders. Clamping those sensitive nipples, tieing up her udders in tight rope, slapping her udders, and using the hardest machines. Manuela is used to it now. She was always close to producing, but this time the farmer really…


MetalBondage – Cory – Treadmill and heavy thigh bands 

Cory is a tiny girl, but she is very tough! You can add kilos of metal to her and she will just keep struggling and moving! So she would be the perfect candidate to test if it’s possible to walk in heavy thigh bands on the treadmill! Well, she will have to! There is no way she can stop the treadmill since her wrists are cuffed behind her! The thigh bands are so heavy they pull her waist belt down…


CinchedandSecured – Jamie Knotts – Bathing Suit Bound! 

Jamie is so excited to go to the beach and show off her new bathing suit! Unfortunately her boyfriend has had a rough day at work and the last thing he wants to do is get back in the car and fight traffic to go hang out at the beach. He suggest doing something to relax him before they leave, which means only one thing! A quick round of bondage! Since there’s not time for a lengthy session of rope,…

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Two Pumps Doesn’t Please Her – Goddexx Daphne 

Mmm, horny again? Typical. You always come to Me when you’re so horny. You want to stroke. But not yet! You don’t get to stroke until I allow it. You know that’s what you deserve, right? You deserve to have your masturbation controlled. I control you. But you’re not just here because you’re horny, right? There’s another reason. You’ve missed Me. Spending your time with Me feels so good. I understand you in ways no one else does. I know…

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